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How To View PDF Files In Chrome Browser

PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. It’s a widely used document format basically used over the internet to view information quickly. These files are platform independent that’s why they are most commonly used to present information on internet. PDF files are safe because they cannot be edited without using special tools, and they can be digitally signed to avoid unauthorized access. But to view these files most users use adobe reader, but in this tutorial I will teach you how you can view pdf files without using adobe reader. The only thing we use is Google chrome browser which will be used to view these files. Previously I wrote about saving web pages as pdf files by using chrome browser, you can check it here.

View PDF Files In Chrome Browser

  • Download and install chrome browser from this link.
  • If you do not have adobe reader then its good, if you have it installed on your PC then you can uninstall it if you are using it just for viewing pdf files.
  • Now right click on any pdf file and choose ‘Open with’. A list of compatible programs will open.
  • Choose ‘Google Chrome’. If chrome is not listed then click ‘Browse’ and locate the ‘chrome.exe’ file which can be found in the installation folder. Select it and click ‘OK’.
  • Then again click ‘OK’.

  • Now double click the pdf file to open it.
  • To zoom in press ctrl key and mouse wheel up. To zoom out press ctrl key and mouse wheel down.

Now you can easily view pdf files in chrome browser without using adobe reader and without any special plugin for chrome. Now this tutorial has a benefit, because you no longer need adobe reader now which is saving some amount of system RAM. Viewing PDF files in chrome is faster than viewing them in adobe reader. But there is only one minor disadvantage regarding some pdf files in which Google chrome is unable to display all the contents of the file. This is a very minor problem, the missing content may be a graphic icon in case of a digitally signed document. In this case you will need adobe reader to verify the digital signatures.

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