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How to Bring Back Missing WiFi Network Profile Options in Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically sets a WiFi or Ethernet network to public. Windows 10 by default applies the ‘Public’ profile for every network you connect the first time. The WiFi network profile will remain set to ‘Public’ unless you change it to ‘Private’. Windows 10 provides three network profiles which are ‘Public’, ‘Private’, and ‘Domain’. The ‘Domain’ profile is only available to the enterprise version of Windows 10. Windows 10 considers the ‘Public’ profile more safe and strict because in this profile the PC isn’t discoverable by other PCs on the same network and file and printer sharing is also disabled by default.

However, if you want to change your WiFi from public to private then it can be done in just a few clicks. But make sure that you only set your home network as private. Never set a public WiFi network to private which is freely available in coffee shops, airports, or railway stations. So, changing a WiFi network from public to private can be done by changing the Windows 10 network profile. Network profile gives two options for every WiFi or any other type of network which are ‘Public’, and ‘Private’.

But the problem is that many users complain that the network profile is missing. The network profile should be there in network properties and between the “Connect automatically when in range”, and “Metered connection” options. But for many users, this Windows 10 network profile is missing and they can’t set their WiFi from public to private. The Windows 10 version 1803 and 1709 both have this problem. See the image below.

Windows 10 public private wifi options missing

How to Bring Back Missing Windows 10 Network Profile Options

There is a reason why network profile options are missing in Windows 10. The reason is simple if you are using a third party firewall or an antivirus with a built-in firewall like ‘Avast Internet Security’ rather than the Windows defender firewall then the network profile options get hidden. The only thing you can do to bring back these options is to disable the third party firewall for a few minutes. After disabling the third party firewall the network profile options will come back again. Now you can easily set your WiFi network from public to private or vice versa. When you enable the third party firewall the options will disappear again.

To change the network profile for a particular WiFi first connect to it and follow the steps below.
  • Make sure you have disabled the third party firewall for a while.
  • If you are using Avast Internet Security then go to ‘Protection>Firewall’. Disable it for 10 minutes.
  • Now in Windows 10 go to ‘Settings>Network & Internet>Status’.
  • Click ‘Change connection properties’.

  • Now you’ll see two options here. Set the WiFi from public to private if it is a home network.

  • To be on a safe also disable the network discovery and file and printer sharing if you are not going to use it in ‘Network & sharing centre’ by changing the ‘Advanced sharing options’.
  • Now you can re-enable the third party firewall.

Check Out The Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. You can check this tutorial for even more understanding.

You don’t always have to disable your third-party firewall to change the network profile. You can change it via multiple ways like from using the secpol.msc, using the registry editor, and using the Windows PowerShell. We will discuss these options in the next article.

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So, this is how you can bring back the missing network profile in Windows 10. If you liked the article then please share it.

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