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Convert Microsoft Word Doc To PDF With Google Chrome

There are many tools available online that can convert word doc to pdf for free. These are known as free doc to pdf converter, that are some softwares that can do the docx to pdf conversion. But most of these are spammy software and does not work properly to carry out the conversion. In this tutorial I will teach you how you can convert Microsoft office word document to pdf files without using a special converter. I will only use Microsoft office 2007 and Google chrome browser to convert word doc to pdf files. Converting word documents into pdf is required to ensure safety and prevent editing the file contains, in a word file any one can make changes while in a pdf file changing the information is not that easy. So if you are converting these files then you will find this tutorial helpful.

Convert Word (docx) To PDF With Google Chrome

  • Open the word file in office 2007 or whatever version you have.
  • Click file and select ‘Save As’. Choose ‘Other Formats’. The ‘Save As’ dialog box will open.
  • In ‘Save as type’ choose ‘Web Page, Filtered’ and click ‘Save’. Save it on desktop for convenience.
  • You will see a browser file with the same name as that of your word file. Now double click to open this file in Google chrome.
  • You will see that your word doc file is opened exactly same as in Microsoft office.
  • Now in chrome browser press ‘CTRL+P’. The print dialog will open.
  • Click the “Change” button and another dialog box opens.

doc to pdf converter in google chrome
  • Select “save as PDF” and then click 'Save' on top. Save the file where you want.
Now you have successfully converted word documents (doc and docx) into pdf files by using Google chrome browser and Microsoft Ofiice only.


  • The conversion is free and you do not need to download any extra software as Microsoft Office and Google chrome browser are basically present in every computer.
  • You can take the print outs of the converted file immediately and can even save it as a soft copy for later use.
  • There are no formatting errors during file conversion.

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