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Samsung Galaxy S4 I337 Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest android jellybean smartphone released by Samsung in the galaxy phones franchise.The galaxy S4 has great features as can be seen in both hardware and software.The device features an octa core processor and 2 GB RAM but varies with different versions.In this post you will know about some useful tips and tricks about Samsung galaxy S4 SGH-I337.These tips and tricks can be applied on all versions of galaxy S4 including the following.

  • AT & T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337
  • T Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919
  • Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-I545
  • Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720
  • U.S. Cellular SPH-R970
  • International GT-I9500
  • International GT-I9505
Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips And Tricks

galaxy s4

Trick 1 : Use Air Gestures : Air gestures means that you can use functions of your galaxy S4 SGH-I337 without touching it.In air gestures you need to tell your device what to do by waving your hand in air.The galaxy S4 air gesture sensor will track your hand’s movement and will perform the task.To activate air gestures on galaxy S4 goto “Settings>My device>Motion and gestures” and slide the slider to “ON” next to air gestures feature.Turn all the gestures options ON if you want to use all of them.There are following air gestures in galaxy S4 SGH-I337.

Quick Glance : When the screen is off then move your hand over the gesture sensor to quickly view battery percentage,missed calls,time and date,notifications icons,unread messages and current music info.

Air Jump : This gesture works awesome while browsing the internet on galaxy S4.Simply move your hand up or down above the sensor to scroll the web pages up or down and scroll the body of emails.

Air Browse : This air gesture allow you to move to next or previous item by moving your hand left and right.Moving your hand left will take you to previous item while moving it right will take you to next item.You can choose applications to enable by placing a check mark on them.You can choose from gallery,s memo,internet,music player,music on lock screen.

Air Move : To move icons to other screens you can use this gesture.Simply touch and hold any icon then move your hand left or right to move the icon on another screen.This feature is available on home screen,applications menu and calendar.

Air Call Accept : When you receive a call on your galaxy S4 then just wave your hand over the sensor to accept the call.By default the speaker phone will be activated after the call is accepted but uncheck the checkbox next to “Auto start speakerphone” to disable the auto speaker.

Trick 2 : Activate Multi Window : Multi Windows lets you do multi task on your galaxy S4 SGH-M919.For example you can edit your notes while watching a video or listen to songs while creating emals.By default the multi window feature on galaxy S4 is activated but you can reactivate it from quick pane by swiping two fingers from the top of the screen to its bottom and click “Multi Window” to activate it.

1.To start the multi window click the little arrow on the left of the screen.
2. Touch and drag an application outside of the tray to open it in a Multi window screen. A blue overlay will indicate where the window will appear.

Dual View
1.With the Multi window tray open, touch and drag an application outside of the tray to open it in side-by-side view.
2. Touch and drag the header of the window to switch positions of the windows. To resize the window, touch and drag the split bar in the middle of the screen in either direction.

Trick 3 : S Translator : The S Translator is a language translator which translates spoken words or text entered by you from one language to another.The S translator on galaxy S4 SGH-M919 supports English,French,Chinese,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese and Spanish.To open S translator goto Apps>S Translator.

The language translation processor requires a data connection.So you can choose between Wi-Fi or mobile network.Simple choose your languages in the two boxes.For example if you want to translate from English to Spanish then choose English in first box and Spanish in the second box.Click the enter button on the galaxy S4 keyboard or simply click the translate button.To hear the translation touch the speech button.Your galaxy S4 should have text to speech application installed.It will automatically ask you to download voice files.

Trick & Tip 4 : Samsung WatchON : Samsung WatchON provides the ultimate TV viewing experience. You can search, discover, explore, and access movies and TV shows on demand. You can start watching an on demand video on your mobile device, then continue watching on a compatible TV.
To open the application, from the Home screen, touch Apps>WatchON .You need a Samsung account to watch movies and TV shows on WatchON.

Trick 5 : SAFE : With the extended capabilities of SAFE devices, you can set your out-of-office message right from your device to let your colleagues know you are on vacation and offer alternative contact info.It is a smart feature as it will let your colleagues know that you are busy therefore next time they won’t bother you.

Trick 6 : Home Screen Mode : There are two home screen modes on galaxy S4.One is the basic mode and other one is the easy mode.The easy mode is suitable for first time smartphone owners.To activate the easy home screen mode goto
Apps>Settings>My Device.Then click Home screen mode and touch the Easy mode(starter mode) then click Apply.

Trick 7 : Group Play : Group Play allows many people to view your content and interact with it at the same time.In group play your galaxy S4 acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot to share music,pictures,documents and games with other users.To add different users they should have NFC enabled and place devices back to back to add new members.To use this feature you need to create a group.Open Group Play on galaxy S4 then click “Create group” and check “Set group password” then follow the instructions accordingly.

Trick 8 : Connect Galaxy S4 To HDTV : The MHL port on galaxy S4 is a video out port and you can use this port to view videos on your HDTV or can play games by connecting your galaxy S4 to your Samsung HDTV by using an MHL to HDMI converter cable.

Trick 9 : Play Galaxy S4 Games With A GamePad : Samsung has introduced a dedicated game controller for galaxy S4 which will let you to android 4.2.2 games on your galaxy S4.This game pad can hold devices between 4 inches and 6.3 inches and is fully compatible with android 4.1 Samsung devices or later.You can enjoy galaxy S4 games on a Samsung HDTV by connecting it via MHL to HDMI converter.This Samsung gamepad is not commercially available.It is coming soon.

Trick 10 : Clear App Cache : Clearing the app cache will make your galaxy S4 run faster.To clear app cache goto Settings>Applications manager and click on any app to see how large is its cache size.There is an option to clear the cache.You can use android assistant 5.3 to clear app cache on your galaxy S4 SGH-I337.

These were few useful tricks about samsung galaxy S4.Hope you liked the tips and trick

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  1. Those weren't tips or tricks, that was normal things that the phone will an is supposed to do, no trick lol.. how about a tip to get my stock browser to stop freezing, or to stay default home page. Or to get a flash for it also. The stock browser sucks worse than any other phone I've ever had, an that's sad. Cuz this phone cost me $760. Not happy !

    1. I would recommend you to install UC browser HD for android. This is the best browser so far for android. It is fast and lightweight and comes with pre installed flash player.

      Install Flash player on galaxy s4
      UC Browser HD tutorial