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How To Setup Face And Voice Unlock On Galaxy S4

Setting up face and voice lock on your Galaxy S4 will add a double layer of security so nobody can misuse it.It is a good option to set the face and voice unlock because your face and your voice are the only ways through which you can unlock your galaxy S4 and nobody can get into it.In this tutorial you will learn to setup  face and voice unlock on AT&T galaxy S4,however it will work for all international variants of galaxy S4.

How To Setup Face And Voice Unlock On Galaxy S4

1.On your phone's home screen click the menu button and touch "Settings".Or simply go to Apps>Settings.
2.Now click the "My Device" tab and then touch "Lock Screen".

3.Then Click "Screen Lock".Then touch "Face and voice".


4.A little information will show up about Face and voice unlock.Click "Set it up" at the bottom of the phone's screen.Then click "Continue".
5.Now show your face to the front camera of galaxy S4.Your face should fit in the space provided for face with dots.

6.When your face is captured you will see the Face captured screen then touch "Continue".
7.Now you need to setup your voice to unlock galaxy S4.After face capture the voice unlock setup will automatically open.
8.On the voice setup touch the microphone icon.

9.Repeat the voice command four times one by one for voice unlock.You can say "unlock my galaxy S4" or your desired command.
10.Now after successful voice unlock setup you will see voice recognized screen with two buttons "Done" and "Reinforce".Click done to save the existing setup or click "Reinforce" to record your voice unlock command 6 times to ensure high security.
11.Now you will be automatically forwarded to create a backup pin.A backup pin is needed in the situation when your galaxy S4 won't recognize your face.You can choose between pattern and pin but pin will ensure high security.

12.Touch the PIN in screen unlock settings and enter your desired pin and click Continue.Enter the pin again to confirm then click OK.

Now you have successfully setup face and voice unlock on AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH I337.Now nobody can unlock your galaxy S4 except you because your phone will only recognize you.

Benefits Of Face And Voice Unlock On Galaxy S4

  • High security.
  • Your phone recognizes only your face and voice.
  • It is very hard to break the face and voice unlock on galaxy S4 and is almost impossible to a strange people.

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