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Google Authorship Markup Not Working On My Website/Blog : How To Fix

Nowadays you can see google+ profile pictures under website/blog links in google search.That picture below the website/blog means that website has a verified author and owner who own and writes for that blog.This is known as google authorship markup and it is automatically verified for blogspot domains associated with a google plus profile.This problem is most common when you change your blog's name servers that is you move to a custom domain from blogspot.

Web hosts other than blogspot needs to verify their email on that website domain otherwise google authorship markup will not work on their website which means your google+ profile picture will not show up in search results below your website links.

Why Google Authorship Markup Is Not Working On My Blog
Google verifies your authorship through two methods.Out of which you have to choose at least one to verify yourself as the owner and author of your blog.These two methods are.

1.The rel=”author” Tag : This tag tells the google bot that you are the owner of a website where you put this tag.This tag can be put inside any link or any image.This tag can be implemented as following.

<a rel=”author”>About Me</a>

You can put this tag anywhere on your blog/website.It is important to put at least two or three of these tags.

2.Custom Domain’s Email Verification : This is another method by which you can verify yourself as an owner of your website.You should have a valid email address on your website’s custom domain for example if your site is then your email would be need to verify this email.

Note : If your blog is hosted on blogger with a blogspot domain then there is no need to add the rel=”author” tag in your blog.But make sure to upgrade your blogger profile to google+.

Note2 : You can use google structured data testing tool to check whether authorship is working  on your site or not.Most times the authorship works on your website but profile picture doesn’t show up in search results.This happens due to non verification of the email.

Check Google Structured data testing tool. On this page enter your website's address to check whether authorship is working or not.You can see in the image below.Two green sentences are showing that everything is okay.

How To Fix The Problem
To fix the google authorship  markup problem you need to do following things.

1.Upload a google+ profile picture on google+.Make sure to upload a square image by dimensions like 250x250 pixels.
2.Create a “About Me” page on your website or blog and add your google+ profile picture (128x128) pixels or 100x100 pixels with the following hyperlink.

<a rel=”me” href=”your_google+_profile_link”>Your Full Name As On google+</a>

Look the image below and create the page exactly like it.

2.Now put a link of “About Me” page in your website’s footer as follows.

<a rel=”author” href=”link_of_about_me_page”>About Me</a>

This link works like it points to the about me page which contains your profile link with a rel=”me” tag.Which seems like author=me=your google+ profile which tells google bot that your are the verified owner of your blog.

Verify Your Email On Custom Domain
As I told earlier in this post that you need to verify your email on custom domain.You can verify your email by going to the link below.

Verify email for authorship.

On this page enter your email address on custom domain and click “Sign up for authorship”.You will receive a link to verify your email address.Open your email and click on the verification link that google sent you.

Add Website’s Links To Your Profile
1.Go to google+ profile and edit it and add your links of your website and about me page under the links section.To finally complete the process.

Now finally goto the structured data testing tool again and enter your blog’s address.You will see that google authorship markup is working on your site.Wait for 24 hours to let google bot crawl your website with updated google authorship markup data.Your profile picture will now be visible in search results below your website links.

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