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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Contact

WhatsApp is the number one instant messaging service app. Since its launch, WhatsApp has added a lot more useful features in it like free voice call and video call. And it gets new features soon. WhatsApp is a convenient way to share media files, document files, and quick messages. With WhatsApp, you can chat with anyone and send files to anyone. The only thing you have to do is to save that person's contact number in your phone and sync it with the app.

But most of the times you may want to chat with a person just for a few times like sending a file or document. So for this, it isn't necessary that you store that person's contact number in your phone to initiate a WhatsApp chat. In this tutorial, we will teach you to send WhatsApp messages to anyone without saving his contact number to your Android or iPhone. Please note that this trick will only work if the recipient is an active WhatsApp user.

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Contact

  • Copy this link
  • Replace the 'contact_number' with the recipient's contact number with country code and without the plus sign.
  • So if a user is from India and has contact number '0000000000' then this link will look like this as below. '91' is the country code for India
  • When you modify the above link with your contact's number then on going to this link a message will appear on the screen in the browser. The above link will redirect to this link.
If you use the above link then this will also work just like short link mentioned above.

  • The page will ask you to send a WhatsApp message without saving his/her contact. Tap the green 'MESSAGE' button to start the chat.
  • This method also works in WhatsApp mobile application, iPhone, and WhatsApp Web.

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