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How to Use Game DVR as Screen Recorder in Windows 10

Computer screen recording becomes useful when you are creating some tutorials or showing something that can't be explained in words. Screen recording is a quick way to teach someone as compared to the wordy articles. You can record game clips or record various software for teaching purposes. And you have many screen recording software available on the internet. The most used free screen recorder is camstudio but it has got some caveats like low quality screen recording.

Besides free software you have paid recording software which provide more customization options. You can control the frames per second and the set the video quality. But if you don't want to pay then they are just useless for you.

But if you have upgraded to Windows 10 then there is a hidden screen recording feature in it. If you are still using Windows 7 and haven't upgraded yet to Windows 10 then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free before 31st December 2017. Windows 10 has a built-in game screen recorder that you can also use for recording your computer's screen. And the good thing is that it is totally free.

But the Windows Game DVR has a limitation too. It doesn't allow recording the entire computer screen. It can only record one window at a time. Which means if I am recording a desktop browser like Google chrome or Microsoft Internet Edge then the Game DVR will not record anything else. Suppose while recording the browser screen I navigate to the drives of my computer, or I pick a file for uploading in the browser then it won't be recorded. This is the only drawback of this Microsoft's official screen recording software which is part of the Xbox app.

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However, besides recording high-quality game clips we can use it to record any app or software but one at a time. It records high-quality videos with an option of 60 frames per second, the default is set to 30 frames per second.

How to Use Game DVR as Screen Recorder in Windows 10

  • Click the start button and then click the settings button.
  • Click 'Gaming'. Under the 'Game bar' enable 'Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar'.

  • To open the 'Game bar' press the 'Windows key + G' or press the 'Xbox' button if you are using a Xbox controller on Windows 10. The Game bar looks like this below.

  • Now click 'Game DVR'. Scroll down and enable 'Record audio when I record game'. Set the audio quality to 128 kbps. Put a check on 'Record game audio only' to avoid any unwanted noise being recorded.
  • Under 'Recorded video' set the video frame rate to 30 fps. Set video quality to high and enable 'Capture mouse cursor in recordings'.
  • The Game bar is designed to record gameplays. But if you are recording computer screen then you will be asked to confirm that whatever you are recording is a game. Enable the option 'Yes, this is a game'.

For Game Screen Recording

  • Open any game and then press 'Windows key + G' to open Game bar. Click the 'Red' button to start recording or press 'Windows key + Alt + R' to start the recording.
  • Now keep playing the game and the game screen will be recorded in the background.
  • To stop recording the game press the same button combination.
  • To find your saved game recordings go to 'C:\Users\PC-Name\Videos\Captures'.
  • From here copy the recording game screen videos. You can upload these videos on YouTube.

 For Computer Screen Recording

  • With the Windows Game bar you can record only one application at a time. Suppose you are recording a desktop browser so except the browser nothing will be recording. 
  • To record any app or software first launch it and then press the 'Windows +G' keys to open the Game bar. 
  • A popup will open and you should enable the option 'Yes, this is a game'. Then click the 'Red' button to start recording. 
  • To anytime stop the recording click the red button again. Go to 'C:\Users\PC-Name\Videos\Captures' to find your recorded videos.

Windows Game DVR is a nice and a free game screen recording software which can also record desktop screen. Though it doesn't fully records the computer but it is still useful.

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