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How to Download and Offline Update Avast Antivirus With Latest Virus Definitions

Avast antivirus is the number one computer security software developer based in Czech Republic. It has the highest antivirus market share with 20.5% percent. Avast's free antivirus is so popular that it can be found on almost every Windows PC because of it high malware detection rate. Avast software provides a range of products including the Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, and Avast Pro Antivirus. They also provide VPN service namely SecureLine. If you are currently looking for a reliable antivirus then you can go for Avast free antivirus. And if you want top-notch computer security then go for Avast Internet Security which is a paid antivirus program.

For an antivirus to work properly it should be updated regularly. When connected to the internet the Avast antivirus gets streaming updates. These updates are tiny virus definitions that protect your PC from malware, trojan, and viruses. Avast keeps receiving these streaming updates many times in a day if connected to the internet. But sometimes Avast virus definitions won't update automatically. This can be due to slow internet. The antivirus program also does not update the virus definitions if they are tool old. If the automatic updates aren't working then you can manually download and install the latest definitions update file for Avast antivirus.

Download and Offline Update Avast Antivirus With Latest Virus Definitions

  • Go to Avast offline update file page - go here
  • Scroll down a little bit and check the links for 'Avast VPS update'.
  • Download the update for versions 12+
  • To check your program's version open the antivirus and click 'Menu'. Click 'Settings' and then click 'Update'. Check the program version if it is greater than 12 then download the 12+ VPS update.
  • After downloading the Avast update file(ypsupd.exe) simply double click on it to install it.

  • The antivirus definitions will updated within few seconds.
  • And you can use the same file to update the same program on another Windows PC.
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