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How To Play Road Rash Game On Android

Road Rash which is now an old school game was a popular motorcycle racing that was first released in 1991 by electronic arts video games company. Several versions of the game came on different gaming platforms from 1991 to 2003. Out of which the most popular version is the road rash 95. I have previously written an article on playing road rash on Windows 7 64-bit without color problem, read article. That article proved useful and many users enjoying this old game on their newer computers because of that article.

However this game is still not working on Windows 10 computers and the color problem still exists. So, if you are unable to play it on your PC then why don't you try it on your android device. Actually the road rash 95 game was separately released for the Sony PlayStation PS1/PSX console. And you can play this game on your android phone or tablet with ePSXe PS1 emulator for android with same gaming experience but with extra features like exclusive in game footage. The game features five levels, the city, the peninsula, pacific coast highway, Sierra Nevada and Napa valley.


Note: The ePSXe app is not free to download. You have to purchase it to play this game.

How To Play Road Rash Game On Android

  • Download and install the ePSXe emulator app.
  • Download the game rom and the BIOS file.
  • Go to epsxe folder on sdcard (internal storage) and paste the bios file in 'bios' folder and game rom in 'isos' folder. 
  • Now launch the ePSXe app.
  • Tap 'Run Game'. The app will automatically search your phone's storage for PS1 game roms.
  • Tap the game to start playing.

Now you can run the game easily. But for optimal performance you have to configure the ePSXe app. Configuring will allow you to set gamepad controls, use cheat codes, play multiplayer and playing games from USB OTG. For this you have to follow the two articles below.

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  1. does anyone know what links to download the bios file and game rom?