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Tekken Mobile Is Now Available To Pre-Register In Google Play Store

Tekken the legendary and the most successful fighting game in coming soon to android. Ever since its inception, Namco didn't release any arcade Tekken fighting game on android. This is the first time that we will be seeing the official Namco Tekken mobile game in an arcade fighting game avatar on android.

The game is going to be released soon. The minimum requirements as suggested by Namco to run this game on android phones are Samsung Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or higher. The game also requires 2GB of RAM. Phones having less than 2GB of RAM will have a hard time running this game. You may see frame drops or lag while playing.
tekken mobile
However, the game will be available to download even for phones having Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 or higher. Its simple just open Google play store and search 'Tekken' if the game appears for pre-registration then your phone can run it. If you see 'your device isn't compatible with this version' then your phone can't run it at anyways. So if you are having such android phone then you can at least enjoy Tekken 3 ISO game on it. Read Play PS1/PSX games on android.

Tekken Mobile Game Features

  • You can collect over 20 characters with unique fighting styles and moves.
  • You can upgrade and unlock 20 uniques fighting moves for every character.
tekken mobile android

Tekken Game Modes

The game can be played in three modes Story mode, Dojo challenge, and Live events. In story mode, you can join the legendary fighter Kazuya Mishima in a fight against his hardest adversary. In story mode, you can explore the game through map-based campaigns and can fight with game bosses that may be powerful enough to defeat. You can build your teams to accomplish missions and explore the maps for hidden challenges and rewards.

The Dojo Challenge mode is a kind of multiplayer mode. You can build your team and fight against your friends in the online play mode. The players build teams to win rewards in monthly seasons. The players are allowed to upload their unique Dojo fighting styles in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system. And of course, you can have your rank among the best players in the world.

Live Events feature daily, weekly and monthly rotating content and it will give you new content. Rare game characters will be available during the special events.

When Will The Game Launch

The game is still not available to download. You can only pre-register for it. On its launch, Namco will notify you with a play store notification or via your registered Google email. To pre-register for this game go to this play store link below. We will share the official Tekken apk after game's launch.

Tekken Mobile Pre-Registration

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