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NVIDIA "Run With Graphics Processor" Option Is Missing In Right Context Menu: How To Fix

Nvidia graphics cards or notebook GPUs that support the Nvidia's Optimus Technology will let you switch the graphics processor to run any application on a Windows PC. With this Optimus technology, you can force any program, application to run using the dedicated Nvidia GPU chip. This technology automatically selects the best graphics processor for running the application taking into consideration the battery life and the performance.

Suppose if you are performing normal tasks on your PC like browsing then the integrated graphics processor will be used which is Intel HD graphics. But if you start playing a game or run a heavy 3D application then the dedicated Nvidia chip will be used automatically to deliver the best game and 3D performance without compromising the battery life.

This graphics switching only takes 5-10 seconds. However, you can manually switch graphics between Intel and Nvidia. For this, you just have to right-click on any application and look for 'run with graphics processor'. From here you have to select the Nvidia processor to force it to run the application or program.

But sometimes the "run with graphics processor" is missing in the right context menu. There are only two reasons for this option for not being visible in the right click menu on a Windows 10 notebook PC. The first reason is that your Nvidia GPU doesn't support the Optimus technology. If this is the case then the missing option will never come in the right-click menu. This case is only applicable to desktops which are still using older Nvidia cards in the x16 card slot with a newer Intel core CPU. In case of desktops, you don't need to worry as your default display driver is already Nvidia if you have connected your monitor to the x16 card.

The second reason is that you have re-installed the Nvidia GPU drivers. This case applies to both the desktop and the notebooks but only on newer ones that support the Optimus technology. Now you have re-installed the driver then you only have to change one setting in the Nvidia control panel to bring the "run with graphics processor" option back in the right-click menu.

Open the Nvidia control panel in the Windows 10 control panel. Click the 'Desktop' tab and put a check on 'Add "Run with graphics processor" to Context Menu'. That's it you can now see that missing option in the right-click menu.

run with graphics processor missing

If your Nvidia graphics is older and doesn't support Optimus technology then you can still force many games or other applications to use it instead of integrated graphics. To do this simply click the 'Manage 3D settings' in the control panel. Then click the 'Program Settings' tab. Now click the 'Add' button and chose your program/application. Now click the second option below it and select 'High-performance NVIDIA processor'. Finally, click 'Apply'.

You now have brought the missing "run with graphics processor" back in the right context menu. With this quick option, you can easily switch graphics between Intel and Nvidia. By default, the high-performance Nvidia processor will be automatically used for games.

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