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Worst Mobile Charging Habits That You Need To Change

Charging a mobile phone battery is just simple. Plug in the charger when the phone's battery is about to die. Yes, it is that simple but how many people consider their safety while charging the phone? Nobody cares when it's about charging your mobile phone. Because people plug their cell phones into the charger and just forget about it for one or two hours. Most of them have a habit of just plugging the wrong charger or power brick to charge the phone's battery.

Today almost every mobile phone uses a micro USB port for charging the battery. A charger having the micro USB port doesn't mean that it is the right one for your phone. This is the only reason why people get into trouble because of their wrong mobile charging habits. Many times we hear that a cell phone exploded while charging. You might already know about the Galaxy Note 7, that have a tendency to self-explode without any kind of human interaction whether right or wrong. Though the Galaxy Note 7 had a manufacturing defect. It isn't necessary that your mobile or smartphone also has a battery defect.

Recently the Moto G4 Play is in the news. A user from Brazil reported that her Moto G4 Play's battery burned while charging. The back of the Moto G4 Play and the battery itself melted to a black liquid due to the uncontrollable electric current coming from the third party charger. High temperature generated by the electric current melted the device. You may notice that we used the phrase "third-party". The user wasn't using the original Motorola charger and this caused the battery to explode. When a battery overcharges, it heats up and release gases which let it expand and explode. Faulty chargers, whose auto cut-off function has stopped will overcharge the battery till the point of explosion.

Below is the video from Brazil whose Moto G4 Play exploded because of a third-party charger.

Mobile Charging Safety Habits That You Need To Follow

1. Avoid faulty or third-party chargers: Always use the charger that came in retail with your cell phone. Never use any third-party charger for charging your phone. Low-quality power bricks, chargers can overcharge your phone's battery which may result in fire and explosion. This is the most common case of mobile phone explosion.

2. Never use the cell phone while charging: If your phone's battery has exhausted completely then do not use it for long while charging. This will not only heat up the battery but will also reduce its charge holding capacity. A battery that remains hot for a long time will have a short lifespan. In the worst case, the battery may explode because of excess heating if you are using a non-OEM phone charger.

3. Don't put the cell phone on clothes: If you are charging your phone then never put it on your clothes or any fabric material like bed sheets or sofa. You should also never cover a charging phone with a cloth or a fabric material. In the worst case scenario of an explosion, the fabric material or clothes will catch fire.

4. Don't put your phone near you while sleeping: Most people have a habit of putting their phones beside them while sleeping. We suggest you to never put a phone near you when you are sleeping, whether it is charging or not charging. You can see much news on the internet about people dying in their sleeping because of their mobile phones. The reason being here is electrocution or fire from the battery explosion resulting from overcharging.

5. Always purchase genuine battery: In case of replacement, you should always purchase the battery from your phone manufacturer. Don't experiment with other brands. Since third-party batteries are never recommended by phone manufacturers. You are not supposed to put a LG phone battery on a Samsung phone. You can visit the service center and ask the cost of samsung cell phone battery. To be on a safer side either replace your phone with a new one or purchase the genuine battery.

6. Avoid accidental overheating: Don't put your phone in pockets that are too tight. Also, don't put your phone in a bag. When the cell phone receives low cellular signal then the battery will always have to work hard. This can be a cause of accidental overheating resulting into fire or explosion.

7. Don't use or start a wet phone: If your cell phone has taken a dip in the water then never restart it. However, shutting it down will be a good idea. If this happens to you then immediately take the phone to the service center or put it inside a bowl of rice. Rice will absorb the moisture but it will still be necessary to visit the service center. Never charge a wet phone. If the battery capacity has reduced because of water then discard it and use a new one. Moisture inside the battery can start automatic charging inside it. This may result in explosion and fire.

8. Use power banks with caution: Power banks are even more dangerous. They only provide standard 5V 1A output without caring about the phone. You can charge any phone with a power bank. But they are also not immune to fire or explosions. Power banks also use lithium-ion cells that can explode if mishandled. Do not purchase low-quality power banks. However, if you are using a branded power bank charger then use it according to the manufacturer's safety guidelines.

So you can see how dangerous these mobile phone batteries can be if not handled properly. I hope you will always follow these safety tips while charging a mobile phone.

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