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Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation Tips, Tricks And Hidden Secrets

Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation is a budget android smartphone. Motorola has already started to roll out the android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Moto G (3rd Gen) in North America and Canada. The phone features a quad-core CPU, Adreno 306 GPU and 2 GB RAM. Overall the Moto G3 is a good phone with some unique features like water resistance and a gesture activated LED torch. You can read Moto G3 Review. This tutorial tells about some tips, tricks in Moto G3.

Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation Tips, Tricks And Hidden Secrets

Moto G 3rd Generation Tips, Tricks And Hidden Secrets

1. Karate Chop:

This is a very useful function in Moto G3 which allows us to turn ON the LED flash that can be used as a torch in the dark. This feature can be used anytime whether the phone is locked or unlocked. To turn ON the LED flash as torch just hold the phone and perform a karate chop two times. The phone will vibrate before activating the torch. It can be turned off by again performing a karate chop.

2. Twist For Quick Capture:

This action launches the camera quickly. You don’t have to push any button or unlock the phone. At any instant hold the phone and twist your wrist twice so that the phone’s screen should face in an upward direction. This launches the rear camera. A reverse action will launch the front camera. You can even capture photos and record videos when the phone is locked.

3. Take Screenshots:

Taking screenshots on Moto G3 is very simple. At any instant simultaneously press the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ button. Go to gallery app to view the captured screenshot.

4. Create New Home screens:

Creating new home screens in Moto G 3rd Generation is rather tricky than easy because there is no direct option to create one. By default, you have 2 home screens the third one is for the Google app. To create a new home screen just open the app drawer and long tap any app and drag it to the extreme right to the phone’s screen. This is new home screen just drop the app here. A home screen is automatically removed when all apps, widgets and shortcuts are removed from it.

5. Make App Folder:

App folders can only be created on home screen. App folders are useful to keep one kind of apps at same location such as Google Apps. To create app folder, you should have at least one app on the home screen. Now open the app drawer, long tap any app and drag it over to the other app on home screen. The folder will be automatically created. Tap the folder then tap ‘unnamed folder’ to rename it.

6. Enable Screen Notifications:

Motorola Moto G 2015 doesn’t have an LED notification light. But Moto G3’s screen notifications beat the LED notification in every aspect. Whenever a notification arrives it appears as interactive icons on the screen. To check the notifications, you just have to shake the phone once without pressing any button or unlocking the screen. To enable screen notifications, go to ‘Settings>Display>Screen notifications’. Here select ‘Moto Display’.

7. Enable Adaptive Brightness:

When adaptive brightness is enabled then the screen’s brightness will automatically adjust itself by getting data from the light sensor. This feature saves battery in indoor and outdoor locations. To enable it go to ‘Settings>Display>Adaptive brightness’.

8. Enter Recovery Mode:

To enter recovery mode on Moto G 3rd Generation please read this article.

9. Enable Vibration During Calls:

To make your phone vibrate during incoming calls go to ‘Settings>Sound & notification’. Scroll down and enable ‘Also vibrate for calls’.

10. Mount USB OTG Drive:

Moto G 2015 has OTG support. You can connect USB storage devices to it for file transfer. You should have an OTG cable or an OTG USB drive. Just connect it to the phone and start copying or transferring files. Use ES file explorer.

moto g3 otg cable

11. Enable Battery Saver:

Moto G3’s battery saver extends battery life by disabling Wi-Fi, vibration for calls and background data. It also limits phone’s performance. However, Moto G 2015 has a 2470 mAh which is capable of powering it for a full one day so using the battery saver is not necessary. But if your battery goes below 15% then you should activate it. Scroll down the notifications slider with two fingers and tap the battery icon. Now tap the ‘3 vertical dots’ on the top right and select battery saver. Now turn it on, then tap ‘Turn on automatically’ and select ‘at 15% battery’. Now you can turn it off it will automatically activate when the battery percent reaches 15%. When the battery saver is enabled then the upper and lower part of the screen turns orange.

12. Block App Notifications:

You can block app notifications from various apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+ apps. So that no one can see them. When notifications are blocked then they won’t appear on the screen. To do this go to ‘Settings>Sound & notification’. Here scroll down and tap ‘App notifications’. You will see the list of all apps here. Tap any app to block the notifications including ‘Priority’ and ‘Sensitive’ notifications.

13. Disable Cellular Data:

By default the mobile data is enabled. So it may cost you money because apps keep syncing in the background. To disable it just slide down the notifications panel and touch any of the SIM. Now in SIM settings, you will find ‘Cellular Data’. Disable it.

14. Music Player For Moto G3:

The default music player on Moto G 2015 is the Google Play Music which is not much good. You can try the Walkman Music Player For Moto G3.

15. Video Player For Moto G 2015:

Similarly the default video player of Moto G is limited. You can download Sony Movies App.

16. Save Contacts To Phone Storage:

To save contacts to phone storage you have to manually import them from the vCard file. You should backup your contacts on the old phone as a vCard file and then transfer it to Moto G3 in the internal storage’s root directory. Now go to ‘Contacts>Settings>Import/Export’. Choose ‘Import from storage’. Locate the file to import the contacts to phone storage. They will not be saved to Gmail account. Another option is to keep the contacts always stored in the SIM.

17. Enable/Disable Factory Reset Protection:

Factory Reset Protection is a special security feature in which Google locks your phone for 72-hours after a factory reset in recovery mode. However, resetting the phone from ‘Settings’ menu is completely safe. Please read about Factory Reset Protection.

18. Change Camera Resolution:

By default camera resolution is set to 9.7 MP. You can change it to 13 MP. Open the camera then open its settings by swiping on the left side of the screen. Find the ‘L’ icon and change the resolution. See the image below.

change moto g3 camera resolution

19. Play Retro Games On Moto G3:

You can play retro games by using their emulator apps on Moto G3. The tutorial list is given below.

20. Save Webpages As PDF In Google Chrome:

The chrome browser in Moto G3 has an ability to save web pages as PDF files without special extensions. Read this article.

21. Quickly Uninstall Apps

To quickly uninstall apps just open the app drawer and long tap the desired app. Now you will see two options on home screen. Drag the app to the 'Uninstall' option and tap 'OK'. App will be uninstalled within few seconds

There were 21 tips and tricks for the Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation. More tips are coming soon. Please share the article if you liked it.

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