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Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360:Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360:Tips And Tricks
Samsung Galaxy Y also known as GT-S5360 is an affordable android smartphone running on android gingerbread 2.3.6.This phone is best suited to an android beginner and is fully loaded with quality features.It is wifi,3G enabled actually it has 3.5G HSDPA.In this post I will tell some tips and tricks about Galaxy y which will be more useful to you.

Trick 1 : Take Screenshots On Galaxy Y
Taking screenshots on Galaxy y isn't difficult.To take screenshots you have to first hold down the menu key and then press the power/lock key quickly.Don't hold the menu key too long otherwise lock button will not work.As you hold the menu button immediately press the power/lock button to capture the screenshot.I have taken some of the screen shots which looks as follows.

Galaxy y Screenshot homescreen

Trick 2 : How To Make Galaxy y Run Faster
Galaxy y has 290 MB RAM and 832 MHz processor.But sometime you will find lack of memory due to various applications running in background.These apps waste android system memory.So you should clear them off if they are not used.You can clear them by using task manager.Galaxy y has a built in task manager which will do this work for you.Open task manager then move on to the RAM tab then click clear memory.It will free the off the RAM and save memory.There is no need to download a separate task manager for Galaxy y.Aslo you can download two more applications which are android assistant and app cache cleaner.For quick boost use android assistant and always clean the cache of various apps by using app cache cleaner.These apps are important for your galaxy smartphone.

galaxy y task manager app

Trick And Tip 3 : How To Backup Your Favourite Apps On Galaxy Y

android assistant app

You can always make a backup of your android apps on Galaxy y downloaded from play store (android market).For this you have to download an app called android assistant.Download it from play store.After downloading it open it and move to tools ,you will see apps and backup.Click on this icon and you will be shown a list of apps you wish to backup.Select the apps you want to backup.The apps will be backed up to the memory card in apk format.Later you don't need to download them from play store (android market).You can directly install them from memory card.But during installing them your phone will block them as it doesn't allows non market apps to install.For this 
  • go to settings, 
  • click applications and 
  • select allow installation of non market apps 
Then your phone will not block them.

Tip 4 : Download Antivirus For Galaxy Y
Viruses and malwares can be a great problem for your phone.Use netqin security and antivirus 6.0 which is a free antivirus which will secure your Galaxy y from viruses and malwares.Netqin 6.0 has good features which include network manager,antitheft and a quick optimizer.Network manager will tell you about your daily network statistics.It will tell about network speed and the data amount you downloaded.It also warns you about excessive data usage.Antitheft will work as phone tracker and optimizer will otimize your phone for better performance by closing unused apps.Some good antivirus apps for android includes avast,netqin,lookout,avg free and prey antitheft.Another antivirus is zoner which is also good you can check the full tutorial about zoner antivirus here.

Zoner Antivirus For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Tip 5 : Switch Your Phone's Network From 2G to 3G
In Galaxy y you can switch your phone's network from 2G to 3G or reverse.For this 
  • go to settings
  • click wireless and networks
  • click mobile networks
  • move to network mode
  • select GSM or WCDMA(3G)
  • now enable data traffic if you want to use internet.

Tip 6 : Change Contact Picture In Samsung Galaxy Y
If you want to put a pic on your phone's contact then you have to move them first to android phone.Make a backup of your contacts because if phone is wiped then contacts will be deleted.To backup contacts on galaxy y follow the instructions below.
  • Open contacts click menu and select "Import/Export".
  • Now choose "Export to SD card".Click yes.
  • The contact list be backed up in vcf format.And now you can restore the contacts to phone or sim through the import/export option.
  • There is no way to import contacts list to phone without any app.So you should save new contacts to phone if you want to change contact picture in samsung galaxy y.
Now to put a picture in contact follow the instructions below.
  • open contacts click the plus sign to add contacts.Choose phone.
  • Enter all details and click the plus sign on the pic.
  • You can select the pic from album or can take picture from camera.
  • Click save and you are done.
Trick 7 : Restart Samsung Galaxy Y
Press and hold home and power key at same time until your phone turns off then release the buttons.Galaxy Y will restart.Restarting may be required if phone is hanged.This trick will let you to restart your galaxy y without turning it off and again starting it.

Trick 8 : Access Hidden Wallpaper In Galaxy Y
Goto settings>About phone>Android version.Click many times on "Android version" until you see a wallpapers.When you click sufficient times then a hidden wallpaper will open in galaxy y s5360.The hidden wallpaper looks like as follows.You can call this secret wallpaper in galaxy y.

galaxy y secret wallpaper
Trick 9 : Quickly Delete/Uninstall Android Apps
You can quickly delete or uninstall an android app from galaxy y with this trick in just one second as galaxy y task manager will take some time to uninstall large size apps.With this trick you can uninstall any app within one second no matter how big the size of app is.To do this follow steps below.

  • Open all apps by clicking the all apps button on home screen.
  • Click menu button of your phone and select "Edit".You will see a small minus mark on all downloaded apps.

  • To quickly delete any app just click it and that app will be deleted in just one second.
  • This trick of deleting apps is very fast as compared to default task manager.
Trick 10 : Quickly Dial Or Send Sms To Any Mobile Number
This trick is useful when you play with your phone contacts.Galaxy y touchwiz has a special feature in which you can quickly call a number by sliding it towards right while you can quickly send sms messages by sliding the number towards left.This trick just take one second.To quickly dial or send sms to any mobile number open the contact list or call log then slide right on any contact to call it or slide it left to send sms message quickly.

Trick 11 : Play Cool Games On Your Galaxy Y S5360
Galaxy Y s5360 is a low end phone with no special graphics gpu but it doesn't mean that you can't play games on it.You can play playstation ps1/psx games on your galaxy y.Also you can play dos games,nes games,mame games,cps1 games and snes games.Below is the list of all tutorials to play all the games mentioned here.

Trick 12 : Setup SIM Change Alert On Galaxy Y
If you enable the SIM change alert feature then you will be notified by the phone about the one who have your phone or stole it,I mean the thief.If this feature is active then when somebody inserts a new SIM then the phone automatically sends a messages about the thief giving you the information about his phone number on a different phone number that you enter as alert message recipients.So you can easily catch him and get your phone back.To enable SIM change alert in galaxy y do as follows.

  • First of all enable data connection and goto Settings>Location and security.
  • Under “Find my mobile” check “SIM change alert”.It will ask you to login with your Samsung account.If you do not have a Samsung account then sign up from that wizard.After signing up again check SIM change alert and enter your Samsung account password to activate this feature.

  • Now click “Alert message recipients”.Enter the password and enter some phone numbers with country codes.For example if you live in US then prefix "+1" before any phone number you enter,if you live in India then prefix “+91” before every phone number you enter.
  • Click the green plus sign to add numbers and red minus sign to delete a number.Now scroll down a little bit and you will see “SMS message”.You can edit this message like “Keep this message,My phone has been stolen by somebody”.This text will be forwarded to all the numbers that you entered as alert message recipients when SIM is changed by a thief.

  • Now put a check mark in “Remote controls” and enter your Samsung account password to enable it.If this feature is enabled then you can track and locate your lost galaxy y with “Samsung Dive”.With Samsung Dive you can track,locate and delete private data on your phone remotely.
Trick 13 : Calibrate Your Galaxy Y 
Device calibration is required when the auto rotation sensor does work properly.What happens actually that if your galaxy y is not calibrated properly then screen will not rotate when you turn your device and screen rotate when you do not rotate your device.To calibrate galaxy y steps are given below.

  • Goto Settings>Display>Horizontal calibration.
  • Place the device on a flat surface and click calibrate.Wait for few seconds.
  • Now your galaxy y is calibrated and you won’t get any auto rotation sensor errors.

Trick 14 : Set A Password For Wi-Fi Hotspot On Galaxy Y
A Wi-Fi hotspot is a data tethering in which you can share your galaxy y 2G/3G/4G data networks with other android devices,iOS devices or laptops.I mean to say that you can use your galaxy y as a Wi-Fi tower to browse internet on other devices and laptops via wi-fi hotspot.Check this tutorial for this.

If you are using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot then you should also use a password to secure it so everybody can not connect to it.To set a password for Wi-Fi on galaxy y goto.

  • Settings>Wireless and networks>Tethering and portable hotspot.
  • Now click “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings”.Then click “Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • Enter name of your choice in Network SSID.
  • In “Security” select “WPA2 PSK”.Then enter your password and click “Save”.

  • Now you galaxy y’s Wi-Fi hotspot is password protected,no body can connect with it without password.
Tip 15 : Add Power Control To Home Screen
To add power control goto home screen and click menu button.Then select “Add”,now click “Widgets”.Scroll down and select “Power control”.Power control gives quick access to enable and disable the Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,gps,automatic sync and decreasing and increasing the screen brightness.

Trick 16 : Enable Data Roaming On Galaxy Y
If you use data network(2G/3G) on your phone and if you are in roaming with a network outside home network(a new area some 40-50 KM away from your home) then you will not be able to use data network unless you enable Data roaming on galaxy y.To enable it goto

  • Goto Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks.
  • Put a check on “Data roaming”.Now click “Network operators” then click “Select automatically”.
Trick 17 : Use Internet Of Galaxy Y On PC
If you want to use the internet of galaxy y on your pc to browse internet then you can easily do this by following the steps below.

  • Activate the internet data pack by going to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Use Packet Data.
  • Connect your phone to pc via usb cable and goto Settings>Wireless & Networks>Tethering and portable hotspots.Put a check mark on USB tethering.Your pc will automatically connect to internet.
  • But to use the internet data pack of galaxy y on pc you need to install samsung kies to install usb drivers for galaxy y otherwise tethering won't work.
  • You can use 2G/3G data pack to browse internet on your pc.To switch between 2G/3G network on galaxy y see the Tip number 5 above.
WARNING : Internet browsing is not free in roaming with most mobile networks even after activating internet packs.Check with your network provider.

Trick 18 : Download Files Faster In Galaxy Y
This is a network trick in which the internet download speed on your galaxy y will be doubled.For this trick your network should support both modes that is GSM/WCDMA.Activate 3G services just once to activate WCDMA mode on your galaxy y for lifetime.Contact your service provider for this.Now activate a GPRS internet plan and change network mode to automatic GSM/WCDMA mode by going to Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks>Network mode>GSM/WCDMA(Auto mode).Now you will see an H sign when data is enabled and your phone's gprs will be doubled,you can get a maximum speed of 22 Kbps. For fast internet on galaxy y check this tutorial.

Trick 19 : Clean Galaxy Y From Inside To Remove Dust
To clean your galaxy y from inside to remove dust check this article.

Trick 20 : Play Subway Surfers On Galaxy
Galaxy Y is a low end android smartphone which can't play subway surfers, but I have a trick with which you can play subway surfers on Galaxy Y smoothly. See play subway surfers on Galaxy Y.

Trick 21 : Locate Lost/Stolen Galaxy Y
If you have accidently lost your phone or it has been stolen then you can track it by using Samsung Dive. But this trick is only useful if the phone's background data, GPS, location service and internet is enabled and the phone is not factory reset after being lost or stolen. If phone is reset the Samsung account will be removed and you can't track it, the only option left is the IMEI number no matter if it is reset and SIM is taken out. Read Lost Galaxy Y Samsung Dive Tracking.

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  1. That was some very useful data. Thank you.
    The problem with my Galaxy Y S5360 is that it constantly shows low space even though 20MB of phone and 0.71GB of SD card is free.
    Moreover when I Check applications in settings and count the total memory it shows only 70 MB being used. Please provide me some solutions.
    I have only about 7 applications in that list.

    1. first of all back up all phone data.Remove the memory card and just reset the phone.After resetting install all applications.Remember to backup all apps on memory card.Always uninstall apps from task manager.

    2. Root your phone the use link2sd to put them all on your sd card

      This is the root file adress

  2. I can't use wcdma only mode. If I used its mode, there had no connection. How to fix it. Please, I wanna use 2G connection.

    1. WCDMA means 3G network.If your phone's sim is activated with 2G network then you can't use WCDMA mode.If you use it there will be no signals.Activate 3G services on your network then you will be able to use WCDMA mode.Contact your network provider for 3G services.Some network providers supports WCDMA mode but the speed will be of 2G.

  3. In my Samsung Galaxy Y there is no "Network Mode". In that place it says "Use only 2G networks" i desable that. My friend have samsung galaxy phone and he dont have "Network Mode" too but he use "3G" mode and he don't know how he done that.

    1. Milka every 3G enabled phone has network mode.The network mode is GSM or WCDMA.The 3G service is network dependent you can't use it without activating it from the service provider's side.Some 2G can work in 3G mode but speed will be of 2G.If you want to change network mode goto Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Network Mode>GSM/WCDMA.You can set network mode to WCDMA/3G and check whether your phone supports it while your phone is not activated on 3G.Good Luck.

      Feel free to ask any problem.

  4. Hello! Thanks for the tips and tricks.. It is really helpful...
    Btw, My Samsung Galaxy Y mobile data network is not working. when I press Use packet data, there is no icon that appears above so I cant access the internet.. need help...>.<

    1. There might no "Access Point Names" available in your galaxy y.Access point name are settings that allows you to browse internet on your phone.To check whether your phone has an access point goto.

      Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks>Access Point Names.

      See whether there are any access points.If they exist then atleast one should be activated.If there is no access points then contact your network provider for internet settings.

      Good Luck.

  5. how can i send a group text to more than 10 people at a time in Samsung galaxy y

    1. it is very simple.Goto "Messages" and click the "Contacts" button in middle of "Recent" and "Group".Your contacts list will open.Then select multiple person but only select mobile number contacts not google+ contacts otherwise message will change to MMS.Then click add and type the message to send.

  6. Hello my samsung galaxy Y restart sometimes when I use the sim card, but without sim card it is working. I test to use GSM only in network mode and the phone restarting many times it just shows the samsung logo, and when i use wcdma it doesn't. When I use the auto mode the phone restart at times but not as severe as gsm only network mode. Why is that? Thank you! :)

    1. try factory resetting the phone in recovery mode.But backup all data stored on your phone otherwise it will be lost.

    2. Try before factory resetting the phone.

      Goto Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks>Network operators.

      Select automatically.

      If this solves the problem then do not factory reset.Otherwise use factory reset..

  7. Hello I've rooted my phone
    but it always restart automatically when I use game killer

    1. rooting makes a phone more susceptible to bugs.Some bugs may have got in your phone's kernel or ROM because now your phone is giving root access to them.You should unroot your galaxy y.

  8. how can I transfer my contact nos from gt-s5360 to pc

  9. Hi..

    Every time I take a pic from my galaxy y, it takes it
    correctly with the photo not rotated and even
    when I look in the gallery it isn't rotated, but
    when I load the photos on my computer or I try
    and upload them somewhere on my phone (ex
    Instagram, Facebook, Profile image for Android
    forums app) then it always ends up rotated and
    it's so annoying! It's not rotated in my gallery but
    it's rotated everywhere else. Anyone notice this?
    How do I fix

    1. Take photos correctly. I mean do not shoot landscape photos in portrait mode otherwise you will end up with the rotation problem.

  10. how i move my phone apps to sd card, because now it's show low space.

  11. I have lost my mobile network off my samsung galaxy y please help me get it back before I go bonkers thanks :( I have followed instructions on internet my packet data is on and still no internet.

    1. reset the network by enabling flight mode. Then set the network to automatic mode and let your phone search for network. Then register with your network, now turn on data. Look if 'E' sign appears or not before network signal icon. If still not working then contact your network provider for network problem.

  12. can we edit power control button in home screen
    or is there any feature to hide gprs symbol

  13. is there any option to hide gprs symbol
    or is there an option to edit power key tool in home screen
    my mobile model is samsung duos 5303

    1. you can't edit power control on samsung duos 5303 and to disable gprs symbol just disable the data connection. Goto wireless & networks> mobile networks> uncheck use data network.

  14. Accidently i delete all my sms in my samsung y. now i wanna gt back all but how is any1can help me plzz..

    1. you can try coolmuster android data recovery or wondershare dr. phone to recover deleted sms messages on android.

  15. I have this weird problem with my galaxy young s5360. I'm trying to change my home screen wallpaper with an upright picture but wen i tap the portrait size option it seems that the frame is on the landscape position. I tried it many times hoping that it just some sort of bug, I also tried restarting the phone but still it goes the same way and annoyingly it cut the picture. Sorry for my bad english.

    1. can you post a pic of this problem, that would be more descriptive to understand the problem.

  16. when i change my picture from my home screen in my samsung galaxy y..its always in landscape mode and i cant use the portrait mode to change the size of the photo..please me :(

  17. Hey AC! Am an oldie & beginner that/s struggling a little..How can I get rid of all the icons on the main screen - I did it once with success but cannot remember my path to achieve that -and I do not know what prompts more being posted. It appears that there are several screens as well. cheers........ ;-)

    1. Just tap and hold any icon on main screen. When a garbage icon appears on the screen then drag the icon to the garbage bin to remove it.

  18. i have a weird problem with my galaxy y(GT-S5360).i'm trying to change my home screen wallpaper with an upright picture. The problem is that when i tap the portrait size option it seems that the frame is still in landscape position.i Tried it many times. I think it's just a bug. I tried to restart the phone but still it goes the same way.

    here's the proof of the bug

    1. try clearing the cache of the phone. Use android assistant to clear the cache. If nothing works try factory resetting the phone. Whats your phone's baseband version and build number.

    2. Baseband version: S5360DXMI1
      Build Number: GINGERBREAD.DXMJ1

    3. Well I don't think your phone's rom may have any bug, if you have not rooted it. Try factory resetting the phone. I also sometimes get a weird problem, that the video camera doesn't record sound, this is very annoying, galaxy Y is low on storage. Also the latest google playstore app, google play services consume most of the phone space, try un installing the play store app and google play services. And its time to get a new android phone with atleast jellybean software because gingerbread is of stone's age now, no support from google.

  19. I forgot my wifi can I see saved wifi password of my mobile (Samsung s5360)

    1. Go to Settings>Tethering and Portable hotspot>Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings>Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

      Now slide the screen up and put a check mark in "Show password". Your password will be visible.

  20. hi, When i hold the power button... the data network mode option disappeared! what can i do? 'coz it takes time when i go to settings then mobile network just to activate my packet data.. help please..

    1. try clearing the cache of your phone. download clean master and clean junk files. If nothing works try factory resetting the phone.

    2. It still doesn't work :( by the way my baseband version was S5360DDKK1 and the build number is GINGERBREAD.DDKK1. What can be its possible problem?

    3. Please show me a screenshot of that problem. Upload your pic at any free image hosting websites and drop the link here. Then I will better understand the problem.

  21. This may be something you can help with.
    My7562 cannot send or receive txt messages and there is no ikon on the screen in the apps pages. thanks in advance

  22. hi. my problem of my samsung s5360 is always restarting when using 3g network how to fix this?

    1. your phone may be overheating. or the cache and storage is full. Please free some storage.