How To Save Webpages As PDF In Google Chrome On Android

All of you may be familiar with the printing function of Google Chrome browser, which lets you save any webpage as PDF file. I have written a tutorial where you can save any webpage as PDF in chrome browser, see here. I also written about converting a word document into pdf (docx to pdf) by using chrome browser, see here. Both these tutorials are for the desktop/MAC version of Google Chrome. Now in this tutorial I am going to tell you how you can save any webpage, image or text that is opened in chrome browser as a PDF file on your android phone.

This PDF printing feature is build in the android version of Chrome browser, but it is not supported on all android phones, it is currently supported in android 4.4 KitKat and above. This is an extremely useful feature because anytime we may feel the need to save any webpage in PDF format, because it can not be easily edited there by assuring unexpected changes in file as we can do in a word or text file. A PDF serves as a hard copy print which can’t be edited without special tools. You can safely share these files via mail or view on your android or desktop PC.

This printing feature will only work on phones running android KitKat and above. Other users can use Google Cloud Print for the same task.

How To Save Webpages As PDF In Google Chrome On Android

  • Previously there was a direct 'Print' option in chrome browser but it vanished now in newer updates.
  • Make sure the webpage has loaded completely. To save a webpage as PDF on Google Chrome on android first tap the menu button on top right and select 'Share'.
     print pdf android chrome
  • Now a vast sharing popup will open. You have to tap 'Print'. Then the android print dialog will open automatically.

save webpages as pdf on android chrome

  • Here you can select ‘Paper size’ which include options like ‘Letter’, ‘Index Card’, Ledger, Tabloid etc.


  • Tap ‘Orientation’ to select between ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’. Sometimes it is better to choose ‘Landscape’ because the text contents fits well in this print layout.
  • Tap ‘Color’ and either select ‘Black & White’ or leave as it is. Choosing ‘Black & White’ will remove colours from the PDF files.
  • Tap ‘Pages’ to select which pages to print.
  • Finally tap the green button having ‘PDF’ written on it.
  • Enter the name of your file. Tap the menu button on top left corner and select the storage location. By default it is set to internal storage. Directly save the file on internal or SDcard for quick access.

  • Go to the location where you saved the file by using a file manager app. Tap the file to open. A popup will open. Select any PDF file handler like adobe acrobat or drive PDF viewer.

You can send this file via mail to any of your friends when needed, you can also view it on PC. If you liked the article please share it.

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  1. Bhai "turn on document in settings->>install app first" error is showing on click of green PDF button. Please help

    1. Install Google PDF viewer and then try again.

    2. google PDF viewer download krne k bad v sowing error"turn on documents in setting>installed app first"

    3. Which phone are you using? If you can post screenshots on our facebook page then I can help.

  2. There is no paper changing options in my crome, only "Letter" size option is available, how do I change the Letter option in to an A4 soze? Please help me.

    1. Please tap the 'Letter' option and select 'ISO A4' from the list. The Google print dialog may not fully work on phones running android 5.1 or below.

  3. How to creat "print" icon in share option. Its not in my mobile.
    How to add it?

    1. Update chrome browser and which phone you are using?

  4. Thank you very much.....i got ......downloaded both chrome and Beta chrome, some times either one is working ....i think its a mobile problem....everytime have to enable document in setting .........then also have try both browsers.....
    thank you evrybody.


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