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How To Remove MagicISO From Right Click Menu

MagicISO is a disc image burning and conversion software. It can convert one disc image format to other like .bin to .iso. It is a useful disc burning software but is not free. MagicISO sometimes seems a malware to various people because it doesn’t uninstall completely and leaves behind a permanent option in right click menu when you right click a file. Everytime you right click on any file you will see “MagicISO” with various sub-options. These options when clicked will take you to their website by automatically opening their website in your computer’s default web browser. You may be thinking that you have uninstalled the software and MagicISO is still visible right click menu. This option would not go even after a system restart. But don’t worry I will teach you how you can remove/uninstall MagicISO from your computer without leaving any trace.

How To Remove MagicISO From Right Click Menu

  • First uninstall MagicISO from control panel.
  • Go To “C:/Program Files(x86)/MagicISO" in 64 bit windows and just program files in 32 bit windows.
  • Here you will see a file misosh64.dll. This file is responsible for giving the option in right click menu.

  • Right click on it and choose delete.
  • You will see an error which says that file can’t be deleted as it is open in windows explorer.

  • Do not click ‘Cancel’ and keep the error message open.
  • Now open windows task manager and click the processes tab. Find ‘explorer’, click it and hit the delete button to end it.
  • Now after stopping the explorer you will only see the error message and task manager on the screen.
  • Now click “try again”. The file misosh64.dll will be deleted.
  • Now click “File” in task manager and choose “New task(run)”. Enter “explorer” without quotes and hit OK.
  • Open recycle bin and see the misosh64.dll is deleted.
  • Now right click on any file and you will not see any MagicISO option.

You have completely removed MagicISO, and learnt to uninstall misosh64.dll and its options from right click menu Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

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  1. You've only given half the instructions.

    If you want to do it properly, do the following:

    1) Run the uninstaller from control panel as normal
    2) Run a registry clean with CCleaner, if the problem remains,
    3) Open Regedit, and back it up
    4) Hit Ctrl-F and delete all instances of "Magiciso". Ensure you delete the values and not the keys (folders).
    5) Reboot your PC
    6) Delete the Magiciso folder from C:\Program Files (x86).

    If you have done this properly, You will not need to close the explorer.exe to delete the folder as the .dll file was not loaded after the reboot.

    The context menu, and MagicISO will be gone completely.

    Run a CCleaner registry scan afterwards to clean up any other dead registry entries that may still be there.

    1. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. But the above tutorial works fine without any problem. Using CCleaner is must for a Windows PC since it creates a lot of junk files. The registry should also be maintained in order to avoid errors. Thanks :-)

  2. When I close explorer, it closes the file in use window. Any tips?

    1. Go to task manager and click the process tab. Click "Show All Processes". Here find "misosh64.dll". End this then delete the folder.