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How To Play Sony PSP Games On Windows 7

PSP stands for ‘Playstation Portable’ which is a hand held gaming console made by SONY. It was released in 2004 since then PSP is a great success. If you want to play PSP games then you don’t need to buy it, I will teach you how to play PSP games without actually having it. All you need is just a PC either MAC or Windows based computer. PSP games are so popular even today because it resembles a full console in a small size. Some popular PSP games include God Of War : Chains Of Olympus, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Call Of Duty series, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII , Daxter, NFS Most Wanted 5-1-0, Midnight Club 3 : Dub Edition, GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories.

sony psp

With help of PPSSPP PSP Emulator we can play psp 1000, psp 2000 and psp 3000 games on Windows and Mac OSX. PPSSPP emulates the system software of PSP on PC.

How To Play PSP Games On Windows 7/8/10/Mac OSX With PPSSPP Emulator

  • Download PPSSPP 0.9.6 emulator for Windows 7 here.
  • Download any PSP iso or .cso game file. Well I have Call Of Duty : Roads To Victory, if you like this game you can direct download it from Google.
  • Now extract the PPSSPP zip file using winrar and put the games in a folder named ‘Games’.
  • Open PPSSPPWindows.exe. Don’t open 64 bit version as it will crash later.
  • Click Load and select the game file ‘Call Of Duty : Roads To Victory.cso’.
  • The game will start. Click ‘Z’ on keyboard to get the main menu. Select ‘New Campaign’. Then select ‘Difficulty’. Move up or down using arrow keys. Then again press ‘Z’. Here 'Z' represents the 'X' hardware button of PSP.
ppsspp emulator for windows

  • Then enter profile name. Use arrow keys to select the alphabets and press ‘Z’ to use it. Enter the full name and press ‘Space Bar’.
  • Now select ‘New Data’ and press ‘Z’. A message will appear ‘Save completed’. Press ‘X’ two times after the message appears.
  • Press ‘Z’ to select ‘United States’. The again press it and select ‘Altavilla’ by pressing ‘Z’ again. Keep pressing ‘Z’ until game starts.

call of duty ppsspp in windows 7

  • Now enjoy the game.

PPSSPP Controls Scheme
PSP has following hardware buttons.

1. 4 directional arrow keys for up, down, left and right.
2. A six axis controller.
3. Select, Start, L and R buttons.
4. Circle, Square, Cross, Triangle buttons.

The scheme is given below for keyboard

  • Up : Keyboard UP
  • Down : Keyboard Down
  • Left : Keyboard Left
  • Right : Keyboard Right
Six Axis Controller 

  • UP : I
  • Down : K
  • Left : J
  • Right : L
Three keys can be used simultaneously for the six axis controller to rotate in 360 degrees.


  • Select : V
  • Start : Space Bar
  • Circle : X
  • Cross : Z
  • Square : A
  • Triangle : S
  • PSP L : Q
  • PSP R : W
These were the default control mappings for the keyboard. If you want set keyboard controls according to your convenience then go to ‘Game Settings>Control Mapping’ and follow the steps below.

For each hardware button you will see three button options for Xbox 360 controller, Keyboard and Gamepad. We need to modify the kbd buttons only. For example if you want to change the ‘DPAD UP’, then click ‘kbd.UP’ and press your desired key. That key will be immediately assigned. You can change the rest of the controls on your own now. Once done press ‘Esc’ to return to game.

Use A Gamepad To Play PSP Games On PC
Well playing PSP games with a keyboard is very slow and hard. You should use a game controller with USB interface. All USB gamepads are supported including Logitech and PS3 controller. If you have a gamepad with six axis controllers then you only need to connect it to your PC and the controls will be automatically assigned by PPSSPP, so you don’t need to map controls for gamepad. Just plug and play. Xbox 360 controller is fully supported, just connect it to pc with USB cable and leave rest upon PPSSPP, the buttons will be auto assigned.

On Screen Touch Controls
To enable on screen touch controls go to ‘Game Settings>More Settings>Controls’ and enable ‘On-screen touch controls’. On-screen touch controls are useful if you have a touch screen laptop. If you have a touch screen laptop then you can play PSP games on it without keyboard, best enjoyed on a Windows 8 touch laptop or screen or tablet.

Note : When On-Screen touch controls are enabled then these can be controlled with a mouse. To control any button with mouse just click on it. In case of six axis controller, click and hold the six axis controller with left mouse key and rotate the mouse in any direction, you will see the controller will work.

How To Download PSP Games ISO Or .CSO File

  • Go to You will see all PSP games list from A-Z. Choose any letter between A-Z to see the list of all PSP games starting with the chosen letter.

  • For example if I want to download ‘God Of War : Chains Of Olympus’ I will choose letter ‘G’ then will click the game name.

  • Now I will scroll down and click ‘Download’ and enter verification code in next step. Then click 'Verify & Download'. The game will be downloaded to your PC within an hour or depending upon the network speed.

Save And Load State

  • To save a game state quickly press 'F2'.
  • To load a saved game state quickly, press 'F4'.
  • To save a game state file click 'File' and select 'Save State File' and save the file in any specified folder.
  • To load a save game state file click 'File' and select 'Load State File' and load the file to load the saved game.

➜ Watch The Video

➜ All Metal Slug Games (1-7) Video

Now download and play any PSP game on your PC or Mac OSX. If you liked the article please share it. Now check this tutorial for playstation games.

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