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How To Play SNES Games On Android

How To Play Nes Games On AndroidSNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It appeared in the 90’s. It is a 16 bit video game console developed by Nintendo and almost everyone has played at least one game of it. It is a very old Famicom system and at its time of release we were either too little or might have not been born. We played most nes games in our childhood days. Some famous snes game are super mario world, wwf wrestlemania arcade game, street fighter the new challengers, contra 3 : the alien wars, aladdin, mega man x, bomber man 5 and TMNT: turtles in time. This guide will let you know ‘how to play snes games on android’ phone by using snes android emulator snesoid which allows you to play almost any snes game on android phones.

First of all download the emulator to your android phone from the links below.I am providing nesoid emulator apk and some game roms to play.

SNES emulator for android snesoid apk download

Game Roms
  • Downloading ROMs isn't legal in various countries. So before downloading just check the local law in your country for downloading any kind of software from the internet.

How To Play SNES Games On Android

Now follow the steps below after downloading all the files from the above links.

  1. Install the snesoid.apk and put the game roms in a directory like “sdcard/snes”. Make a folder in your sd card and name it snes.
  2. Put all the rom files in this folder.
  3. Now open snesoid and click the blue sd card icon on top left. Now move to “snes” folder. Open any game of your choice.
  4. Now game will run and you will see buttons and a 4 axis controller. Now you have to make appropriate settings for snesoid to play snes games efficiently.

Settings For Snesoid Android Emulator

1.Screen Orientation

  1. Open snesoid a file explorer will open. Now click 'Menu>Settings'.
  2. A settings page will open click “Other settings” and scroll down to “Orientation” and select “Landscape”. If “Fullscreen mode” is unchecked then check it.

2.Audio And Video Setings

  1. Now go back and click “Audio & Video settings”. Click “Scaling mode” and select “Stretched”. Then select “Aspect ratio” and choose “16:9”.
  2. Now scroll down and select “Max frame skips” and set to “0” and click ok.

3.Input Settings

  1. Now go back and select “Input settings”. Click “Virtual keypad settings”. Uncheck “Vibrate on keypress”.

  2. Now select  “Controls size”. Select controls size according to your phone’s screen. For example if you are using galaxy note 2 then choose “Large” then click ok. For android phones having only 3 inch touchscreens choose “Medium”.

  3. Now click “Hide controls” and uncheck “Disable A/B  turbo”. If you uncheck this option then you will see four buttons on screen that is two normal and two turbo buttons.
  4. Now click “D-pad + buttons layout” and choose “Bottom+bottom”.
  5. Now click “Layout margin” and select 1 by sliding to left then click ok.
  6. Now go back until you see the game and start playing snes games on android.
Connect A Gamepad/Keyboard In Snesoid
You can use a USB gamepad or keyboard if you are playing games on android tablet with OTG support. But you have make settings for controls on keyboard or gamepad. To make the settings, follow the steps below.

  • Go to 'Settings>Input settings>Key mappings'.
  • Now you will see all the list of the buttons.
  • Scroll down a little bit and tap on any button to assign the keyboard button.
  • For example tap 'Button B' a popup will open 'Press a hardware key'. Press your desired key on the keyboard or gamepad.
  • Make the settings for rest of the buttons.


snes android games

Watch The Video

Now you are all set to play snes games on android. When you download other snes games roms put them in snes folder for convenience. Share this wonderful post if you like it. Now check these tutorial about PLAYSTATION, MAME and NEOGEO.

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