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How To Play CPS2 Games On Android

CPS2 is Capcom Play System is an arcade system board which was popular during 90’s. It is the successor to all CP systems including CPS1, you can check how to play CPS1 games on android here. In this tutorial I will teach you to play CPS2 games on android with CPSEmu emulator for android.

Files Needed
1. CPSEmu 1.4 CPS2 emulator for android apk Download. For CPSEmu 2.0 click here.
2. CPS2 game roms Download
3. In this tutorial I will be playing Alien vs Predator and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.

How To Play CPS2 Games On Android

  • Download and install CPSemu apk and open it. Click the ‘Settings’ icon a hammer icon. Enable ‘Auto Frameskip’.


  • Now press the back button of your phone and close the app by tapping the cross icon on top right.
  • Now go to this directory ‘sdcard>CPSEmu’. Create a new folder here and name it as ‘roms’. And put all game roms in this folder.
  • Now open the app again and tap the game that you put in this folder.
  • Now CPSEmu will start creating a cache file before launching the game. After creating the cache file the game will start.
  • To start a game first tap the ‘Coins’ button then tap ‘Start’ or the yellow button.

Settings For CPSEmu Android Emulator

1. Disable Scanlines : To disable scanlines press the back button of your phone and tap the icon in image below. Then choose none.

2. Increase/Decrease Control’s Transparency : To increase or decrease controls transparency press the back button of your phone, tap the icon next to the floppy and increase or decrease the slider to manage the transparency.

3. Switch To Fullscreen : To play CPS2 games in fullscreen on your android tap the back button of your phone and then tap the arrow icon two times to enable full screen.

4. Save And Load A State : To save a game state in CPSEmu tap the back button of your phone and tap the floppy icon then again tap the floppy icon to save the game state. To load the saved game state tap one of the black rectangles below floppy icon. Black rectangles means saved states.

Note : Some CPS2 roms will give an error on CPSEmu android emulator as ‘File not found or CRC32 not correct. “CPU1”. When you see this error then this means the rom you downloaded has missing files and cannot be played. You should re-download that game from other sources.

File not found or CRC32 not correct. “CPU1” error cpsemu


marvel super heroes vs street fighter cps2 on android

alien vs predator cps2 android

Now you have learnt to play CPS2 games on android. Check this android gaming tutorial now.

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