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Recover Photos, Videos And Other Files From Internal Memory Of Android Phones And Tablets

Today android phones are coming with built in storage with large disk spaces and the need of micro sd cards is going down day by day. We can address the internal storage of any android smart phone as internal memory card which is a nand flash memory chip fixed on phone’s motherboard. These chips can come in size of 8 GB to 64 GB and that is quite huge storage. Most people store their important data in the internal storage only and doesn’t use a sd card for backup, so if anything wrong happens they lose their important data.

So to avoid this problem always make a backup of your data and use sd cards instead of internal memory. If however you have lost your data that was on the internal storage of your phone then don’t worry because I am telling a you a way to recover your favorite photos, videos and other files from internal storage of your android phone. These tutorial applies to Samsung android phones, Sony Xperia android phones and all other phones having internal storage.

Very Important Note
If you have accidently lost all your files, photos and videos from your phone then after this do not copy new files to the phone. This also include clicking photos and capturing videos. If you copy new files to the phone then you are actually reducing your chances to get back your deleted photos and videos and other files. In short just don’t download anything to your phone, do not use the internet on your phone till the time when you get back your lost files back.

Note : This trick will only work on android phones having mass storage mode and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) options. If your device is rooted then you can enable mass storage mode on your android phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t have mass storage mode, but you can check how to enable mass storage mode in galaxy s4 in this tutorial. After enabling mass storage mode you can get back deleted photos, videos and all files from the internal storage of any android phone.

1. Recuva for Windows 7, Windows 8 Download
2. A USB data cable.

Recover Photos, Videos And Other Files From Internal Memory Of Android

  • Download and install recuva. While installation do not uncheck any option.
  • Now connect your android phone in mass storage mode. Connect it to pc a notification will appear in the phone, tap it to enable mass storage.
  • Now open My computer and you will see ‘Removable disk’. 
  • Open recuva and click ‘Next’, on the next step ‘All Files’ will auto selected. Again click ‘Next’. Then choose ‘In a specified location’ and click ‘Browse’. Choose the ‘removable disk’ or ‘MTP’ disk here and click ‘Next’.
  • In next step put a check mark in ‘Enable Deep Scan’ and click ‘Start’.
  • After scan is finished you will see the list of all deleted files. Green circles is means that file can be recovered while red circle means unrecoverable file.
  • Now check the box next to ‘Filename’ to select all files. Click ‘Recover’ on the bottom right and choose ‘Desktop’ .Your deleted files will be recovered.

  • This trick can be applied on android phones running gingerbread, Ice cream sandwich and jellybean OS (rooted).
Now you have successfully recovered the deleted photos, videos and other files from the internal memory of android phones and tablets.

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