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Use Authenticator App To Enable 2-Step Verification On Facebook

Adding 2-step verification to your facebook account adds an extra layer of security which makes it difficult for anyone to break into your account.2-step verification is the best way to defend your facebook account as someone can steal your facebook password but he can't break the 2-step verification.Like google,microsoft,and apple facebook is also providing us the feature of 2-step verification to secure our accounts from hacking.

In 2-step verification you need to verify yourself twice as the legitimate owner of your facebook account.First you login with the password and then you need to enter 2-step verification codes either generated by authenticator app or sent to you by facebook on your mobile phone via sms.You need to enter this code to successfully login into your facebook account.There is no way to bypass 2-step verification.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to enable 2-step verification for your facebook account by using an authenticator app and a sms.Android users will use google authenticator and windows phone users will use microsoft authenticator for this purpose.These authenticator apps are available free to download in their respective app stores

Use Authenticator App To Enable 2-Step Verification On Facebook
I am using google authenticator for android to set up 2-step verification on facebook,because the process is same for windows phone 8.You need to download one more app called "Scan".This app will be used to scan the 2d/qr code during the 2-step verification setup.This scan app is also available free to download in google play and windows phone app store.

  • Download and install the respective authenticator app and the scan app for your android or windows phone.
  • Goto "" and login in to your account.This will directly take you to the settings section.
  • In settings click "Security" on the left side.On the right side under "Security settings" click "Code Generator".
  • Now click "Set up".A popup will open and you will see a qr code with a verification key.You need to scan this qr code with the Scan app.Make sure to enable data connection on your phone before scanning the qr code.

  • When you scan the qr code with scan app a popup will open in your android phone/windows phone asking you to "Save key for Facebook".Click ok to save the key.
  • Now in authenticator app you can see random codes are generating under the name Facebook.Now pick any random code generated by this authenticator and enter the code in the facebook 2-step verification setup and click confirm.

  • Now your facebook account is secured with 2-step verification.
Now whenever you login from an unknown device which is a phone or a pc which you haven't used before to login in to your facebook account then facebook will ask you to enter the verification code generated by this authenticator app.Without entering the code no one can log in to your facebook account.

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