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Enable Login Notifications To Find Out Who Is Logging Into Your Facebook Account

Do you have a doubt that somebody is logging in to your facebook account and you are not aware of it.Then you want to know who may be doing this.That person can be anybody like your best friend,your mom or your elder brother or sister.If you want to know who logs in to your facebook account then you need to make it secure against these kind of attacks.By enabling login notifications on facebook you will be able to know who logs into your account without your consent.

Login notifications is facebook's security alarm which notifies you about the login activity when someone logs into your account from any computer,mobile device or the facebook app.You will be notified about the suspicious facebook login activity through a sms on your registered facebook mobile and an email sent to your registered facebook email account.Also you will get the suspicious login notification when you log in to your facebook account.

Enable Login Notifications On Facebook To Find Out Who Is Logging Into Your Facebook Account

Part 1 : Setup Your Mobile Phone Number

  • First you need to register your mobile phone number with facebook to get login notifications via sms.You should not ignore this step because it is the best method to receive notifications and you can do the needful to defend your facebook account.
  • To register your mobile phone go to "" and login into your account.When you login you will be directly taken to the settings page.
  • Now click "Mobile" on the left side and click the green button "Add a Phone".
  • Now a popup will open click "add your phone number here".See the image below.

  • Enter your mobile phone number to receive the confirmation code.On receiving the code enter it into facebook to verify the mobile.Change the visibility to "Only Me".
  • Now your mobile phone is set to receive login notifications via sms messages.
Part 2 : Enable Login Notifications On Facebook

  • On the same settings page click "Security".Then click "Login Notifications" on the right side.
  • Check "Email" and "Text/Push notification".then click save changes.
  • Now whenever anybody logs in to your account (including you) you will receive sms messages about the login activity.
  • For detailed info you should check the email sent to you by facebook.
Part 3 : Find Out Who Logged Into Your Facebook Account

  • Login into your email account that is registered with facebook.
  • Open an email stating that "Facebook login from an unrecognized device".
  • This email contains the information about the person who logged into your account.The info includes the ip address of that person's computer,its geographic location in form of city and country,browser and operating system.
  • If that person is not using a proxy then you can easily find him by tracing his ip address.See the image below.

  • Now goto "".Scroll down a little and enter that ip-address and click "Track IP" button to get the information about that ip address.You will get its location and internet service provider.

Part 4 : Find Out Who Is Accessing Your Facebook Account In Real Time

  • In settings click "Security" then click "Active Sessions".
  • Active sessions will show you the information of users who are currently active on your facebook account i.e. accessing your account.
  • There should be only one active session and that is you.It will show your location in active sessions.
  • If you find that there are more than one active sessions in your facebook account then your account may be compromised.Change your password immediately.
If your facebook account is hacked then you can see how to get it back here.

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