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Awesome Trick To Play/Watch Facebook Videos On Android Phones And Tablets

This tutorial will teach you to play/watch facebook videos on android phones and tablets.To play facebook videos on your android phone or tablets you need the flash player plugin for android.Facebook videos can't be played in the official facebook app and when you try to play a video by clicking it then it will take you to either youtube app or try to open that link in an android browser.If the video belongs to youtube then clicking the link in facebook app will automatically launch the youtube app on your android phone.

Many people ask me that how to play facebook videos on their android tablets,because most times they see a blue lego box in place of facebook video player.We can play facebook videos on our android phones and tablets exactly the same way as we watch them on our desktop computers.So in this post I am going to tell you the working solution for this problem.Firstly I will tell you the solution for this problem and later I will explain the concept behind the trick.

Files You Need

  • Mozilla Firefox for android.Download
  • Adobe flash player 11 apk for android 4.1 jellybean.Download.
  • Adobe flash player 11 apk for android 4.0 ics.Get it here.
  • Adobe flash player 11 apk for android 2.3 gingerbread.Download.
Note : Download the adobe flash player apk according to the android version of your phone.For example if your phone is running android 4.1 jellybean then download flash player apk for jellybean.No need to download all files.

Trick To Play/Watch Facebook Videos On Android Phones And Tablets

Trick 1 : By Using Mozilla Firefox For Android

Before following the below mentioned steps do one thing that login into your facebook account from a computer and put a youtube video link on your timeline and do not remove the preview.You will play this video in your android tablet on facebook,you can play any video but I want to show you the proof that's why I am asking to put a video to your timeline.It will look like as follows.

  • Download and install firefox for android from the link given above.
  • Download and install the respective flash player apk for your phone.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the data connection on your phone.
  • Now open firefox and goto "" by simply putting the address in the address bar.
  • Wait for few seconds till the page loads to facebook homepage.
  • Now click the menu button of your phone and select "More>Request desktop site".Put a check mark on it.The page will auto reload,do not stop it.
  • After few seconds you will see the desktop version of facebook on your android tablet.
  • Now login to your account from your android tablet.Just click on the video you recently posted on your timeline.
  • You will see that the video will play on facebook itself and won't take you to third party websites for watching.You can see the proof below the same video is playing on my android phone in mozilla firefox.

Trick 2 : For Any Other Android Browser

  • For other browsers you can load facebook in desktop mode by entering this address "" in the browser's address bar.
  • ?m2w after "" will tell the browser to load facebook in desktop mode on your android tablet.
  • Now login in to your account and repeat the steps in Trick 1.
  • But this trick is not as useful as Trick 1 because most android browsers doesn't support the flash plugin fully as compared to mozilla firefox.
  • So to play facebook videos on android phones and tablets,you should use firefox browser,because it will work without any problem and I have shown you the proof of facebook videos playing on android devices.
How This Trick Works

This trick works on a simple principle that "make facebook think that you are accessing it from a computer and not an android device".But actually we are accessing it from android,which it doesn't know and loads the desktop version on our tablets and phones.For this trick we used "Request desktop site" option of firefox browser and for other browsers put a "?m2w" string after facebook address.So facebook thinks that we are accessing it from a computer that's why we are able to play/watch videos on facebook.

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