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Switch Between Multiple Apps With Kakudo Lite : Download Apk

If you are a android multi tasker then you know how to work on multiple android apps at the same time.Latest Samsung android phones like galaxy note 2 and galaxy s4 has multi-window feature so you can run multiple apps on same screen at same time.

But the multi-window feature Is not available in all android smartphones and is seen only in Samsung devices.Switching between multiple apps on android is simple long press the home button at any time to access the apps recently closed by you.

But this method has a disadvantage that you can access only recently closed apps and may not see the apps you use very much.

Kakudo Lite is an android app which lets you switch or toggle between your favourite apps.Kakudo Lite allows you to create a vertical list of your favourite android apps which you use most and want to switch between them quickly.

The Kakudo Lite toggle list is visible in every android app you use and can be accessed from the home screen also.The vertical apps list is visible on the left side of every app.You need to slide upwards in the bottom left of the phone’s screen when any app is running.

Kakudo Lite 1.3.5 Apk Download

Configure Kakudo
1.Download and install the app from above link and click the app in notification bar to configure it.
2.Scroll down a little bit and reduce the icon size according to your phone’s screen.
3.Now open any app and slide upwards in bottom left corner of screen to open Kakudo list.
4.You will see a “+” sign in the vertical list.Click this to add your favorite apps in this list to quickly switch between them.

5.In the lite version you can add only 6 apps for quick switching.
6.To delete an app from Kakudo just long press any app in the list and add another app.

The bottom left corner of the screen is overtaken by this app so apps located in this corner will not open and when you click in this corner then the vertical list will open.To uninstall this app first switch it off from the configure menu.

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