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Mozilla Firefox Now Available For ARMv6 Android Phones

Mozilla Firefox Now Available For ARMv6 Android Phones Mozilla firefox is a web browser that is widely used on personal computers.It is one of the all widely used web browsers.Mozilla firefox is also available for android but previously it was only available for high end android phones.But here is a good news for android users who posses low end android phones running on android 2.3 gingerbread like Samsung galaxy y S5360 and other ARMv6 android phones.
Mozilla firefox is now available officially on google play store for galaxy y and other ARMv6 android phones.You can download it for free from google play.

Mozilla Firefox for galaxy y and ARMv6 android phones apk Download

So what is special about Mozilla firefox for android,just read the features of Mozilla firefox and you will know why it is a good choice as a web browser for android.

Features Of Mozilla Firefox For Android
Mozilla Firefox is a widely used web browser now available for ARMv6 android phones.It will change your browsing experience.Following are some features that make Mozilla firefox for android a special and a good web browser for android.

1.Adobe Flash Plugin Support : A lot of android users always face problems due to non availability of flash player on their android phones.I myself has written many flash player tutorials for android.The best thing about Mozilla firefox for android is that it supports the official adobe flash player plugin whether it is updated plugin or outdated.It will work with Mozilla firefox.After installing the flash player apk you can directly view flash videos on your android in desktop mode and flash videos will stream on your phone exactly like as they stream on your pc.To enable plugins on Mozilla click the menu button of your phone then goto More>Settings>Plugins>Enabled.The flash plugin will automatically launch and play flash videos directly into the web browser.

2.Wide Rande Of Firefox Add-ons : Add-ons are small software that enhance the functionality of a web browser.Mozilla firefox for android has a big library of add-ons and you can find add-ons for almost every category like tools,games,productivity and security.Other famous browsers like opera mini and UC browser for android doesn’t support add-ons.

3.Private Browsing : Mozilla firefox for android has a private browsing mode in which history is not recorded while you browse.It is like incognito window as in chrome.To open a private browsing mode click menu then select “New Private Tab”.Also you can run normal tab and private tab simultaneously.

4.Firefox Sync : In firefox sync you can access bookmarks,history and tabs from your other devices like other android devices,macbooks and windows pc.This feature is not available in most android browsers like opera mini and UC browser.

5.Save Web Page As PDF : In Mozilla firefox you can save any web page as a pdf file and later view that file.To save any web page as pdf click menu>More>Save as PDF.All pdf files will be saved to sdcard>download folder.

6.Desktop Mode : You can view any website in desktop mode in Mozilla firefox for android.When you enable this feature then the browser will load websites in desktop mode because Mozilla firefox tricks them and websites think that you are accessing them through a desktop pc.To enable desktop mode click menu button of your phone then click More>Request Desktop Site>Check it.Now websites will load in desktop mode.

Mozilla Firefox For Android Pros

  • Adobe flash plugin support.Flash videos are playable at a faster rate than other browsers.
  • Wide range of add-ons are available to enhance the functionality of the browser.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Sync history and bookmarks with other devices.

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