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Convert Any Non-Touch Laptop To Touch Screen Laptop With All Touch

Laptops and notebooks in today's world are now coming with a touchscreen display.This touchscreen display makes computing very simple as the notebook can be used as a tablet and you can carry it with yourself anywhere with ease.For example the microsoft surface has a tablet feature and the HP envy series.A  laptop touchscreen makes the work more simple because it reduces the need of input devices like mouse and keyboard for doing casual work on pc much faster than these two.If you are using windows 8 then you should have a touchscreen laptop otherwise working experience on windows 8 will not be satisfactory,because windows 8 is designed specially for touchscreen devices first and for desktops later.Convert Any Non-Touch Laptop To Touch Screen Laptop With All Touch

But these touchscreen laptops are very expensive due to their touch feature.Most expensive are the ultrabooks having touchscreen feature.So if you can not buy these due to your low price budget then you can convert your existing non-touch laptop into a touch screen with all touch.Yes it is possible to convert a non-touch screen laptop into a touchscreen laptop with all touch from Toshiba.All Touch is a touchscreen calibration device manufactured by Toshiba which converts a non-touch laptop into a touchscreen laptop.

The device may or may not be available as a single piece.You should contact Toshiba for more about this.It comes along if you buy a Toshiba laptop and you have to pay 2999 Rupees more for this device.But this All Touch device will work with any windows 8 laptop.

How To Install Toshiba All Touch

  • If you have bought Toshiba All Touch then you have a pen,stylus,batteries,e-touch pen,metal strips,usb cord.
  • First insert the button cell batteries into the black pen by opening its rear cap.Then insert the silver stylus into the pen by opening its front cap.Gently place the stylus inside the pen.

  • Now take one of the metal strips and put the double sided tape on it and peel the other side of the tape.Now adhere this metal strip on the plastic border of the laptop screen.
  • The E-Touch pen has a magnet behind it.Place this e-touch pen on the metal strip that you fixed on the plastic border of laptop screen.

  • Connect the e-touch pen with USB cable to the laptop.
  • Now you need to calibrate this device for touch settings.Goto settings in windows 8 and select "Hardware And Sounds".Then select "Calibrate The Screen For Pen And Touch Input" then tablet pc settings will open.
  • Click "Calibrate" and touch all the 16 points that appear on your screen without failing.The screen will not be calibrated unless you touch all the 16 points on screen.
  • After this a "Digitizer Calibration Tool" will open asking you to save the calibration you just made.Click "Yes" to save the calibration.
  • Now you can use your non-touch laptop as a touchscreen laptop with the stylus pen.Now you can easily convert a non-touch laptop to a touchscreen laptop.
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