Saturday, October 6, 2012

Laptop Touchpad Left Click Not Working : Tips To Solve

This hardware tutorial will tell the solution to solve the problem of left click not working in a laptop touchpad.It mostly happens when the left click on the touchpad won't work.This might be due to incorrect driver.Most laptop touchpads use a synaptic driver.This problem is common among HP,ASUS,LENOVO,SONY VAIO and COMPAQ laptops.

If it is permanent hardware failure then you are screwed.If it is the case with you then repairing or cleaning the laptop is the only option.But if your laptop is out of warranty and if you don not want to spend much money then you have some options which will be best alternatives for you.

If the laptop touchpad left click has stopped working then try the following solutions.
  • Button Switch : The problem mostly that occurs is of left click however the touchpad and the right click work fine.Therefore we have two things that are perfectly fine one is the touchpad and other one is the right click.So you can switch the buttons,the left click will become right and the right click will become left click.Using this solution is good because right click is rarely used as compared to the left click.So switching the buttons will work.This solution is best suited for conditions in which the left click automatically double clicks when you click only once.To switch the buttons move to control panel>mouse>check switch primary and secondary buttons.

  • USB Mouse : If you are not comfortable with the first solution then try using a USB mouse.USB mouse will work without any problem if the laptop's I/O is not faulty.But the USB cord may become a problem.
  • Wireless USB Mouse : A wireless USB mouse is the best option because it does not have any cord attached with it and it operates on infra red.A microsoft USB wireless mouse is the best option to replace a faulty laptop touch pad.Because it is just like using the touchpad without any wire.
  • Synaptic Touchpad Driver : If you have recently installed new operating system then check that you have properly installed the touchpad driver and driver is downloaded from the manufacturer's website.Check the driver's listing in the device manager it should be present in the list.
VERDICT : In my opinion the "button switch" and the "wireless USB mouse" is the best solution to replace a faulty laptop touchpad.You can't play games while using a laptop touchpad.So it's a best option to buy a wireless USB mouse even if your touchpad is working fines.
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