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How To Choose And Upgrade Power Supply Of Desktop PC

How To Choose And Upgrade Power Supply Of Desktop PC A desktop power supply is the most important device which provides power to your computer to operate.It converts the AC voltage into 12V DC.If you are planning to upgrade your desktop’s power supply then you can’t buy any power supply blindly.You have to choose the right one for your computer that will facilitate all the power needs of the motherboard.You need a power supply upgrade if your are going to install some more devices in the motherboard like graphics card,HDD or a DVD disk drive.Every computer component needs sufficient power to operate.For example if you want to install a graphics card then it may require a power supply of at least 400W.

Few days ago I upgraded my desktop’s power supply because it was not providing enough power.So Below are some tips to choose and upgrade your computer’s power supply.

How To Choose A PC Power Supply

  • Check The MotherBoard Form Factor : Before buying any power supply unit you need to check the form factor of your motherboard.Ensure the form factor,whether it is AT,ATX,uATX,EPS.However these are not the only four form factors and there are many more.But ATX,uATX and EPS are the most common form factors that are used in today’s latest motherboards.form factor specifies the dimensions of the motherboard.So you should install an ATX power supply on an ATX motherboard and vice versa.uATX is backward compatible with ATX.
  • Check The Motherboard Wattage : Motherboard wattage is the power requirement at which it operates normally without being power hungry.For example GIGABYTE G41 require a 500W power supply so that it should work properly with expansion slots.This means that you need to install a 500W(Watt) power supply.You can easily find motherboard wattage in its manual.Below is the example taken from a manual.

  • Check The Number Of Connectors : Always make sure before buying a power supply that it has same number of power connectors for all the devices that can be connected on the motherboard.These power connectors include SATA connectors for HDD,DVD/CD power connectors,24 pin main power connector,4/8 pin 12V power connector for CPU.These are most important connectors.Check for these first.Bigger wattage power supplies have more power connectors.
  • Be Original : Always buy a power supply of good brand like cooler master,antec or seventeam because a cheap power supply can harm your computer’s motherboard by sending more current to the motherboard.These cheap products may not have proper voltage or current regular or it may fail due to cheap parts that can even burn your motherboard if over current flow to the motherboard.So always buy a good power supply.Prefer buying those PSUs that are 80% efficient.

How To Install And Upgrade A New Power Supply
You need help of hardware technician if you don’t know about motherboards.Don’t do it yourself otherwise you will damage the motherboard or get an electric shock.
  • Switch off the computer and remove the power cord.Disconnect all the power connectors from the motherboard.Be gentle do not pull them with a great force otherwise motherboard may break.
  • Remove the power supply unit from the cabinet and install the new one and fasten the screws.
  • Connect the 24 pin ATX main power connector to motherboard then connect 4/8 pin 12V power connector for CPU.Check the manual for connector specifications.Double check that you have connected both these connectors otherwise motherboard will not boot.
  • Make sure to connect the power connectors of all devices including HDD,DVD/CD drives etc.Make sure that power supply wires do not lie here and there on motherboard and should not touch it otherwise they may catch fire.However these wires are tied with a plastic knot supplied by manufacturer.
  • Close your computer’s cabinet properly.Connect the power cord to power supply and start your computer.
FAQs About Computer Power Supplies
  • Can I Fit A Higher Power PSU On My Desktop : Yes you can fit a 500W power supply on a 300W motherboard.The motherboard will not burn because the voltage will be same of 12V(Volts).A power supply with a bigger wattage will not damage the motherboard but it can provide enough power to expansion devices if you plan to upgrade them in future.A 500W power power supply is enough for a hardcore gamer.
  • Can I Use ATX PSU For My MicroATX Motherboard : Yes you can use as the microATX is compatible with ATX.But make sure it has a 24 pin main power connector and a 4/8 pin 12V cpu power connector.EPS and uATX are also compatible.
  • Which Brand Should I Prefer : There are many power supply brands like Delta,Intex,Seventeam,Antec and Cooler Master.Delta and Intex power supplies are affordable.

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