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Speed Up Android With NQ Android Smart Booster 1.0.01

Speed Up Android With NQ Android Smart Booster 1.0.01 NQ android smart booster is an android app which is used to optimize your android phone's performance.This app is different from others as it provides two ways of optimizing your android phone.First it free up your phone's memory by clearing running apps that are no longer in use and secondly it helps to increase the battery life of your phone by disabling the heavy battery using features on your phone.This app comes with an optimizing assistant which can be seen on the sides of your phone's screen.The NQ android smart booster is free to download from google play store.

NQ Android Smart Booster 1.0.01 Download

How To Use NQ Android Smart Booster

1.Download and install this app.After installtion you can click the blue assistant on the left side of your phone's screen to open the app.

nq android smart booster

2.When you open the app you will see a number of options like brightness,rotation,wifi,bluetooth etc.
3.You can turn off that feature by simply clicking the option visible in this app.When you disable a feature you will see that your android phone's battery time will increase.Keep on disabling features to save more battery life..
4.Do not click the "Save power" button and manually disable the features.
5.Slide the app to the right side and you will see a list of running app.Click close to increase RAM of your android by closing unwanted apps running in background.

6.Now click the gear icon on the top to open settings and click "Assitant Options" and select "Show assistant all the time".When you enable this option then the virtual assistant will be visible on your screen always for quick access to the app.

7.Also to quickly optimize your android click and hold the assistant and slide a little bit to the right then a icon will appear with two moving gears asking you to "Drop me here".You need to drop the assistant in this icon for quick optimization.Initially the color is red but on optimization it will turn to green.

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