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Download New Opera Browser Beta For Android

Download New Opera Browser Beta For Android Everybody is familiar with opera and opera mini.We have been using opera mini browser from a very long time and I also used it on my previous java phones.Opera mini browser is popular for saving data while browsing the web because it highly compresses the data using the opera servers.Opera sofatware ASA has launched its latest browser for android named opera browser beta.This browser is currently under testing phase but is available free to download on google play store.The new opera browser for android has got a new interface and is ideal for both fast and slow networks.It has got little support for flash player websites.Youtube videos are played through an inbuilt flash video player.

opera browser beta

Features Of Opera Browser Beta For Android

1.Off-Road Mode : If you enable Off-Road mode then you can save data by viewing compressed web pages as in the previous versions of opera.If Off-Road mode is disabled then the websites are loaded in android style.The only difference between enabling and disabling Off-Road mode is that enabling it will turn the browser to work like its previous versions to save data by compressing web pages.While disabling the mode means webpages will load as they load in any android browser.For e.g. open facebook in this browser two times when the Off-Road mode is enabled and when Off-Road mode is disabled.You will see two styles of facebook loading.When the Off-Road mode is disabled facebook will open like the facebook app and when the mode is enabled it loads like simple html.

2.Discover : You can get updates for top stories from any country from these following topics

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Living
  • Motoring
  • News
  • Science
  • sports
  • Technology
  • Travel

To discover content from your favourite country/region just tap the discover tab and click settings and under Country select your region/country then select the topic for top stories.You can select multiple topics for updates.

3.Speed Dial And History : The opera browser beta has preset bookmarks including google+,Wikipedia,gmail,opera apps,youtube,yahoo and news.The only way to add your favourite speed dial is to goto that page and click the + sign to the left of the address bar.The speed dial will be automatically added.The history tab is present next to the speed dial on the home screen and provides a quick way to see your browsing history.Also it shows the percentage of data savings just below the Off-Road mode.

opera browser beta

4.Browsing Mode And Flash Support : There are two modes of browsing available in opera browser beta.One is “Mobile” and other is “Desktop”.The mobile mode loads everything in a single line similar to its previous versions while the desktop version loads the websites in desktop mode and  tricks the websites that you are accessing them from a computer and not from a mobile.It has got a little flash player support and is able to play flash videos through an inbuilt flash player but it is not fully compatible with all kinds of latest flash content today also it doesn’t support the adobe flash player plugin installed on an android phone.

5.Private Tabs : This is new feature in this browser and is similar to google chrome’s incognito window and Mozilla firefox’s private browsing.In a private tab your browsing history will not be recorded so there is no need to clear it.However if you browse in tabs that are not private history will be recorded.To open a private tab click the tabs icon next to the address bar with 1 written in it.A tabs option will open you need to click the 3 vertical dots on the top right and select “New private tab”.If you don’t want to open a private tab and just want a normal tab then click the multiple dots on the top left.

Somethings Missing

The new opera browser beta is fast and fluidic with a good user interface but it lacks some features like there is no exit button in it and the app needs to be terminated manually otherwise it will waste 35 MB memory of your phone.Remember that opera browser beta is in testing mode so you send your feedback to developers and help in the improvement of this app.

Download Opera Browser Beta APK
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