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How To Access Blocked And Banned Sites

A blocked and banned website is a site which is permanently banned or blocked in some regions of the world.After being banned or blocked nobody can view these sites.Suppose if a particular website is banned in your country then you can't view it by your normal ip address because you will be caught by your ip address and the website will be immediately blocked before it can load into your browser.

But don't worry we can still access these banned and blocked sites in our area no matter where we stay in the world or the website is banned in that region.All we have to do is to make our ip address familiar to that allowed region.If our ip address is allowed in that region then we will be able to access that blocked website.You need to download a software called "Hotspot Shield".

Hotspot Shield Download

What Is Hotspot Shield
Hotspot shield is a software which allows you to secure your internet connection while surfing on Wifi hotspots and also allows you to access blocked and banned sites in your country which are not available outside of USA like Pandora and Hulu.This free software creates a VPN virtual private network between your computer and hotspot shield servers.This VPN connection tricks the websites and makes them think that you are accessing that particular websites from USA which are banned in your region.

hotspot shield

With hotspot shield we can view restricted videos on youtube and even download them.There is no need to worry while surfing with hotspot shield because it will save your pc from unwanted malwares and computer viruses.When you install and use hotspot shield then it will totally hide your identity by allowing you to search only in the hotspot shield's search bar.This search bar hides your original ip address and proxifies it to a USA ip address.

As in the above picture you can see that your virtual location is in United States so you will be able to access blocked and banned sites in your region.

What You Can Do With It
  • Access blocked and banned sites in your region.
  • Access and view blocked youtube videos that are not available in your region.
  • View websites that are not available outside of USA like Hulu and Pandora.

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