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Try Out The New Email Composer On Gmail

Try Out The New Email Composer On GmailGoogle has launched the new email composer for gmail.The new gmail email composer has replaced the traditional email composing form in which you see two long text boxes and a big text area for email message.The new gmail composer looks like a google+ chat box and is very easy to use at composing emails on gmail.In this post you will know about all the features of this new gmail email composer.
To try the new gmail composer log in to your gmail account and click compose.The old email composer form will open.Then select “Try the new compose experience”.Then you will be redirected to new gmail email composer.Google has again simplified the email.

Features Of New Gmail Email Composer

1.Simplicity : The new gmail composer is small and easy to use in design.It seems like a chat box.When you first see it you will see various options in it.At the top of the composer you will see the recipient’s address bar and a subject text box.The wide area below it is the composing area.Below this you will see formatting options,file sharing options and some miscellaneous options like deleting and printing an email in real time.

2.Formatting Options: The new gmail composer consists of basic formatting options like bold,italics,underline,text size,text fonts,font color,bullets and numbering and text alignment options.These formatting options will allow you to compose a full html message which is properly formatted.You can access these formatting tools by clicking the underlined “A” next to the send button.

new gmail composer

3.File Sharing Options : You can attach files either by uploading them from your pc or choosing files from google drive linked to that google account.Clicking the “+” sign will reveal the file sharing options.You can insert an image,a hyperlink,a smiley and a calendar date.The file sharig option from google drive is very fast because it will save your uploading time and data if the file is already on google drive.To delete the message click the “garbage bin” icon and your message will be deleted.

4.Other Options : You can access these options by clicking the small triangle button next to the garbage bin.When you click this little triangle you will see 5 options.These options include switching back to old gmail compose,assigning a lable to your email,plain text mode in which the formatting options will not be available and you just type the message like you do in a notepad.You can print your composed message and can even save this message as pdf file if you are using google chrome.Click the “Check spelling” option to check the words you type in realtime.

So that was the new gmail composer.Hope you would like it because it is very simple and easy to use and quick to attach and share files even large ones.However if you do not like it then you can switch back to old gmail composer by clicking the small triangle button and selecting “Switch back to old compose”.Share this post if you like it.Be social.

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