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5 Tips To Buy Products Online

5 Tips To Buy Products OnlineBuying products online sometimes proves useful because it saves much time and product is delivered to your doorstep.But buying all products online is not recommended if you buy costly products online.If you are a beginner to online shopping then you may be fooled by many ecommerce websites if you are not aware of them.Here are some tips that will make you feel safe while shopping online.

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Tips To Buy Products Online

1.Ecommerce Website Reputation : You will see a number of ecommerce websites on the web from which you want to buy products.But all ecommerce websites are not good at giving good customer service and their most of the products are faulty.I myself got cheated from one of an online shopping website.I bought a product and it was faulty and not working at all.So always shop online with a trusted online shopping  website.Some of trusted online shopping websites are amazon,ebay and flipkart(only for India).

2.Buy Branded Products Only : Always buy original and branded products because original and branded products are manufactured from high quality hardware and equipments.For example if you are buying a mobile phone or a television then you can go for Samsung.Samsung’s customer service is very good and there is no problem with warranty.If you buy an unbranded product then you may be wasting your money.So always buy branded and original products.

3.Research About Products : Always make a detail research about the product which you are buying online.Check the specifications of that product on that online shopping website and also check the same product’s specifications on the manufacturer’s website.Specifications on both the websites should match.For example if you are buying a Samsung smartphone from a trusted ecommerce website then check its all specifications on that online shopping website as well as check them on samsung’s website.Specifications on both websites should match exactly.

4.Cash On Delivery : If you are shopping online then always choose “Cash On Delivery” as the payment method.If you choose this method of payment then you can save your money from being wasted because suppose if you receive a product that is faulty,mishandled or having manufacturing defects then you can easily save your money by saying that “I am not going to pay for this faulty product”.However if you had made an online payment for the same then when you receive this faulty product you should ask the delivery boy for replacement.Replacement may take upto one week.It does not mean that all online shopping websites deliver faulty products but one product is faulty in every ten products.So wisely choose the payment methods.

5.Payment Gateways : If you are making an online payment(however it is not recommended for costly product) then that ecommerce website will automatically redirect you to your bank’s website.What you have to do is  to check that it is your bank’s website and is secured with a SSL certificate,do not enter your payment details if you find something wrong and treacherous.All banks websites are secured by a 128 bit or 256 bit SSL certificate which can be seen as green https in google chrome.Green https means that identity of website is verified and is secure.


These are some tips that will help you to buy products online smartly.While buying products online you should be aware of the product by properly researching about it.It will not only save your money but also you will get right product and satisfaction.

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