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How To Choose A Graphics Card For Gaming On Windows Pc

How To Choose A Graphics Card For Gaming On Windows Pc Gaming on windows is awesome and affordable because it is cheaper to buy a nvidia graphics card rather than buying a dedicated gaming console.Gaming on windows is almost similar as on latest gaming consoles like ps3 if we talk about graphics.To run latest games you need a graphics card of a good brand like nvidia or amd radeon.You might be thinking what is a graphics card.A graphics card is an advanced gpu chip specially designed to decode the game software programs that cannot be done by onboard intel graphics chip.Latest windows games require a good hardware specification in your computer,out of which pci graphics card is the most important.

asus nvidia gt 610

In this post you will know how to choose a graphics card for gaming on windows.Before buying a graphics card you should be aware of existing hardware on your pc like ram,processor and expansion slots.A pc having low ram and a processor having low frequency can’t be used to play latest ps3 games on windows.I am assuming that your pc has a good processor,RAM around 2 GB and a good motherboard which has PCIex16 slot PCI 1.0.PCIex16 is a graphics card slot on your motherboard.If your pc has all these specifications and just missing a GPU unit then you can turn your computer into a gaming pc.

How Choose A Graphics Card For Gaming

1.Select A Brand : To buy a graphics card you need to select a brand or OEM manufacturer.Some brand names are Asus,Nvidia and Amd.In my opinion I will prefer Nvidia because nvidia is the leading GPU manufacturer around the globe.Nvidia graphics chips are also used in the playstation 3 which delivers life like graphics on playstation 3.So nvidia is the best graphics card manufacturer.

2.Graphics Memory : Most games require graphics memory upto 512 MB but you should buy a graphics card having memory of 1GB or more.Having a larger graphics memory will ensure excellent gaming experience and you will not fall short for memory because you have enough of it.So look for graphics memory before choosing.

3.Direct X Version : Today all latest games require that your GPU should be direct X 11 compatible.The latest version is direct X 11.Every graphics card that you are buying should be direct X 11 compatible otherwise there is no use of buying it.

4.Open GL : Open GL is a multiplatform API which is responsible for rendering 2D and 3D computer graphics.Without open GL we can’t render 2D or 3D gaming graphics.Open GL is used in almost every graphics rendering like virtual reality and specially in gaming.The current stable version for open GL is 4.3 and your graphics card should be open GL 4.2 compatible.Buying a graphics card lower than this open GL version is of no use.

5.Nvidia Cuda Cores : If you are a buying a nvidia then look for cuda cores.The more number of cuda cores the more smooth will be the gaming experience.Cuda cores are actually small processors that handle different tasks during decoding a game program.These tasks include virtual reality rendering and tough physics calculations.If your budget is low then search for best graphics card in that range having good number of cuda cores by comparing them.

5.GPU Clock And Pixel Shader: Check the GPU clock.It should be above 700 MHz.The pixel shader version should be 5.0.Pixel shader is a code running on gpu which creates shades and appropriate lights in images in games.

6.Connectivity : The graphics card you are buying should have a VGA port.A VGA port is a monitor port.Every monitor supports vga but it is excellent if your monitor has a HDMI port because with HDMI you will experience the true experience of gaming.HDMI cable’s speed is 8 Gbps which delivers a high resolution life like graphics on your computer’s screen.Also check that it is PCIeX16 graphics card if your pc’s motherboard has PCIex16 slot.

7.Power Consumption : Most graphics card has a specification that they require a power supply unit of your pc capable of providing enough power for them to operate.Your power supply unit should be around 300W or you can check what is the power supply requirement of that graphics card.Heavy graphics require a bigger power supply. So you may require to change the power supply unit of your pc if graphics card a bigger power supply.Running a heavy graphics card on a smaller power supply unit can bring down your system.

By checking all the above specifications you will be able to buy a best graphics card that will be best for your computer.Don’t opt for any GPU blindly,choose it smartly.Feel free to ask any problem about graphics cards.

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