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How To Use HTML Tags For Better SEO

how to use html tags for better seo Proper html tags when used within a post boost the seo structure of any website.Without use of html tags seo will be incomplete or raw.Html tags when used correctly will make your blog posts more clear to your blog’s audience and to search engines.Html tags works differently for e.g. some of them are for search engines and some of them are for the users.

Ignoring the power of Html tags will not buy you good results for your blog.You should start using appropriate html tags if you are a novice blogger because you will feel the difference and start getting good results during the start period of your blogging career.So I am telling you some basic html tags that are compulsory for every post you write on your blog for good seo.

The main goal of using html tags is to make your blog posts more clear and vivid to search engines and to your blog’s audience.Always keep in mind that doing good seo is remarkable but do not write for search engines write for your audience first then do seo.

Basic Html Tags And Usage For Good Seo
1.Title Tag : The title tag provides a small description of your blog posts in a single line to search engine spiders and crawlers which you put in the html code of your blog post.This tag is for search engine spiders to tell them what the content is about.You should always include this tag in your blog posts because it is the first to be included.

Declaration : <title>My Blog Post’s Title</title>

2.Bold Tag : This tag is used to make the selected text bold and is represented as <b>.It is very useful to highlight your blog’s keywords in bold black text.Few keywords of your website should have this tag because it is useful for both search engines and users.Search engines will mark it as useful and it adds an extra point to seo and your blog’s audience will see it as highlighted text and get attaracted towards it.Use this html tag to highlight everything important in your blog posts.

Declaration : <b>Some Text To Be Bold</b>

3.H1,H2,H3 Tags : These are headline tags and represents different sizes from very large to very small.You should use H1 or H2 tag for atleast one keyword.This adds an extra point to seo.H1 tags represents the largest text basically used for headlines and subtitles within posts.It can’t be used as an alternative to title tag.Every blog’s subtitles should be large enough to convey their description visually to the audience by their large and catchy size.

Declaration : <H1>My Blog Post’s Subtitle</H1>

4.Image Alt Tag : This tag is used for images.When images are not visible on your blog this text is displayed.However alt is not a tag it is an image attribute and is a short description of your image.Basically atleast one keyword should be used in alt attribute for getting search traffic from your blog’s.For optimizing images check this tutorial for image seo tips.

Declaration : <img src="image name" title="image title", alt="small image description">

5.Miscellaneous Tags : These tags includes the underline tag <u> and bullets tag <li>.The underline tag is used to underline some text can can be used with bold and H1 tags at once.The bullets tags is used for substeps under a headline or subtitle.Use <li> tags if you are declaring a process of various steps.If you use blogger then you don’t have to declare them you only need to select them from the editor.

Blogger Seo Features Tutorial

These are some basic html tags that are meant to be used in every blog post you write.These tags will help boost your blog’s seo and also good for your website’s audience because they see a well written article formatted with correct tags.Share this article if you like it.

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