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7 Must Have Apps For Android

Android has many apps,most of which are free of cost.This tutorial focuses on some useful apps that every android user should have.These apps are very useful and helpful and totally free in the google play store.These apps include categories like android maintenance,utilities,education,network and security.So here are the 7 must have apps for android.

1.Android Assisstant : It is a very useful app and performs various tasks.Mostly it is used for android maintenance.It is used for CPU usage monitoring,battery level indication,RAM and storage info.Apart from these it also performs following tasks.
  • Cache cleaner : cleans the cache of your phone.
  • System clean : cleans unwanted files.
  • App backup : backup all apps.
  • File manager : manage your SD card files.Acts as a file explorer.
  • App 2 SD : transfer apps from phone to SD card.
  • System info : provides a brief info about your android phone’s hardware.
  • Task manager : manage and kill unwanted apps.
2.3G Watchdog : 3G watchdog is a very cool app which is used to monitor 2G/3G data and saves you from unwanted bills.It tells you the report about data usage on a daily basis.The use of 3G watchdog is simple.Just set your monthly data limit and work without any problem.Also it automatically disables mobile data if you reach the limit if the option is enabled.It shows alerts in the notifications bar.Download it from google play store.

3g watchdog

3.Zoner Antivirus : Zoner antivirus is the most important app among all these because it is about your android phone’s security.It is the best android antivirus.I have a reason to call zoner antivirus read it here.If your android device is vulnerable then immediately install it to secure your phone.Zoner antivirus provides following security services.

  • Antivirus
  • Secure Message
  • Phone Filtering
  • Missing Device
  • Task Manager
4.Androzip : Androzip for android is just like winzip or winrar for android.By using androzip we can create and extract zip and rar files on android.It also supports GZIP,TAR and encrypted ZIP for which you can assign a password.For creating a zip just open androzip and locate that file then click it and select “create zip”.Your zip file will be automatically created in the same folder.Androzip is also used to create multiple zips and can create backup of your android apps.

5.Barcode Scanner : This app is used to scan 1D barcodes and QR codes.This app proves itself useful when the information comes to you in form of barcodes and QR codes.To decode these barcodes you need to install this app.This app uses your phone’s camera to decode the QR codes.

6.Wikipedia : Wikipedia is free encyclopedia which appears in almost every search result about a topic.For faster access you should download this app.Wikipedia is a great source of knowledge for any kind of information.Download and install Wikipedia from google play store.

7.UC Browser 8.4 : The fastest and best browser for android.This is the only reason why 300 million people use UC browser.It is best suited for slow and fast networks i.e. 2G/3G networks.This is the only browser which is compatible with flash player.Due to UC browser’s support for flash player we successfully installed flash player on following android devices.
  • Samsung galaxy y S5360
  • Samsung galaxy note 2 N7100
  • Samsung galaxy tab 2 P3100
These cool apps will make your device simpler and easy to use.These apps are very useful and should be used by every user.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I just upgraded to a Samsung Note after months of ribbing from my DISH coworkers because I still had a flip phone. So, I have this Smartphone; now I need some good apps for it. I have noted Zoner Antivirus, UC Browser and 3G Watchdog; I will be checking those out later. The best app I have found so far has to be the DISH Remote Access app. I have been using it to stream live TV to my phone, and I can stream DVR recordings from my Hopper too. I have been using it to watch the Playoffs while at work because I don’t have a TV in my office, but now that I have this spiffy phone I don’t need one.

    1. That's Good.But you should try the above apps.