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How To Setup Multiple Google Accounts On Google Authenticator For Android

How To Setup Multiple Google Accounts On Google Authenticator For Android Hello friends you are familiar of google’s 2-step verification.In 2-step verification you need to enter a mobile number to receive codes and that codes need to be entered by you when google asks for them to login into your account.To enable 2-step verification you can check this tutorial.2-step verification is an excellent way to secure your google account because you need to login once and verify yourself in the the second step.Without verification you can’t login into your  account.

To login successfully you need to enter some code into second step either sent to you by google on your phone as text message or code generated by google authenticator app.Google authenticator is an android app that generates 6 digit random codes every 30 seconds for your google account.You can choose any code generated by google authenticator and put them when google asks for code in 2-step verification after logging in.When you setup google authenticator then google will not send you text message codes because you need to enter the random code generated by this app.But if you do not have access to the android phone on which you setup authenticator then you can receive text message codes.Make sure that you use two different devices ,one for mobile number and one for this app.But to use this google authenticator you need to first download this app from play store,also you need to download “ZXING barcode scanner” this app will be used to scan qr code provided to you during account setup.

Setup Google Authenticator For Multiple Google Accounts
First you will have to enable 2-step verification for google accounts before you can use authenticator.You can do as follows.

  • Goto and login into your account.
  • Click “Security”.You will see “2-step verification” click “Settings”.A page will open then click “Start set up”.
  • Follow step by step instructions to setup your mobile number.To receive text messages you can use any mobile.
  • Google will send you a code on your mobile number.You should enter this code to verify your mobile number.
  • Once your mobile is verified you will be asked to “Trust this computer”.Only check this option if you are using a personal computer or laptop otherwise uncheck it.When you enable this option then if you lose your mobile phone then you will be able to login from this trusted computer without any verification.
  • Also google will not send any codes if you login from trusted computer but you will receive codes and can’t be allowed to login on other computers without verification.
  • Now 2-step verification is on for your google account and you will see a 2-step verification page after setup.
  • You will see a number of options here.See “Mobile application”.Now we will setup google authenticator for your account.I am doing it for android.Click “Android” in front of “Mobile application”.A page will open with a qr code.Make sure that you have installed google authenticator and “ZXING barcode scanner” app from play store.

google authenticator

  • Now open google authenticator app.Click menu and select “Set up account”.Then select “Scan a barcode”.Scan that qr code on your computer screen via your phone’s camera.
  • When you scan this qr code you will see that your account is automatically added in authenticator app and is generating codes.
  • You need to enter any one random code to verify your android phone.Enter the code and click “Verify and save”.Now google authenticator is setup for your google account.
  • If you don’t want to scan the bar code then click “Can’t scan a barcode?”.Then google will provide you a secret key.
  • Again goto google authenticator>setup account>Enter provided key.Then enter your full google email address and secret key and click next.You will see that account getting randomly generated codes in google authenticator.

The above process can be repeated for multiple google accounts using just the same google authenticator app.This method is faster because you don’t need to receive codes on multiple mobile numbers.You can use this app to use security codes and it works in flight mode also and doesn’t require any data network.Here is the demo how google authenticator works.

  • Login into your account and enter your password.
  • You will see a 2-step verifications like this below.It will ask you for any random code generated by google authenticator app.

  • Open google authenticator app on android and look for the code.If you are using multiple google accounts within the same app then choose the code of the right account to enter for verification otherwise it will say wrong code added.

  • Enter the code and you will login into account.Check or uncheck “Don’t ask for codes on this computer” if you want to trust or untrust that computer.

2-step verification

Note : After enabling two step verification you will be unable to login in to gmail for android.It will say wrong password entered everytime.But don’t worry this is due to 2-step verification.You need to create application specific passwords to login into gmail android after enabling 2-step verification for google account.You can learn by checking how to create application specific passwords for google account.

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  1. The App name is Authenticator.You need to scan the bar code which google provide you during 2-step verification with this authenticator app to save the key so that that app can generate random codes for you.The icon is like gray color G with circular rivets.If it is installed you will see in your all apps.

    If you have any problem feel free to ask.If you think the solution is not sufficient then please elaborate your problem.