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Get Login Notifications On Facebook Via Email And Text Message

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Everybody has a facebook account in this today's world.And its our duty to keep it safe and secure and avoid it from being hacked.Being alert on the internet is the only way to keep oneself secure to a greater extent.In this post you will know about facebook's login notifications.Facebook login notifications alert you when someone logs in your account.If you get this alert then the immediate first step you should take is to change your facebook password because somebody might have broke into your account.

First of all make your facebook account impossible to be hacked by choosing a difficult password.A difficult password would be a combination of numbers,alphabets and special characters.Facebook allows every special character to use within a password.You can see how to secure a facebook account.

Enable Login Notifications On Facebook

1.Goto and login into your account.
2.Click the settings icon a gear and choose Account Settings.
3.Now click "Security" below "General" on left side.
4.Now clik "edit" in front of "Login Notifications".

5.Check "Email" and "Text message/Push notification".
6.When you check "Text message/Push notification" then you will have to enter your personal mobile number to receive codes to verify.
7.A popup will open which will ask you to enter mobile number.Enter mobile number to proceed.You will receive a code which you have to enter in facebook for verification of mobile.
8.Click save after this and you are done.

Now when your facebook account is accessed from a computer or device which you never used before then you will receive notifications on your mobile and email.If you get any kind of this login notification then understand that your facebook account might be compromised or hijacked.If you were lucky then you can even recover your hacked facebook account.

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