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Nvidia GeForce GT 640M Gaming Problems Solved

This post will let you know the solutions to the gaming problems experienced during gameplay on nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics card chip.Nvidia GeForce GT 640M is a graphic chip and is mostly found on notebooks for gaming performance.The graphics card is too awesome to play latest games on full resolution with ease.The nvidia GeForce GT 640M is equipped with optimus technology which means good battery life of your notebook.You can play all the latest games on it like "Call of duty:Black Ops 2" and "Battlefield 3".However if you are a hardcore gamer then you may face some problems on this graphics card during gaming.Some of the problems of nvidia GeForce GT 640M with solutions are given below.

1.UBYTE4N Vertex Data Problem
If you are getting this problem then your notebook doesn't have the right driver installed.UBYTE4N vertex data problem arises when the graphics card doesn't support the game totally which is too much for the onboard chip.The UBYTE4N vertex data problem is common with Intel chips.If you are getting this problem either with notebook or desktop even after inserting the graphics card in proper slot then check the following things.

  • first of all install the correct and latest driver.The driver can be found in the installation disk came with the graphics card.
  • remove the monitors display cable from the intel chip and plug it into nvidia GeForce GT 640M display slot.
  • you can remove the drivers of onboard chip and may disable it to save power.
The above steps will solve the UBYTE4N vertex data problem.This problem may or may not arise on notebooks.

2.Sluggish,Blur And Rough Gaming Graphics
To enjoy any game a condition arises that whatever you see on the screen should have sharp and real graphics like the real world if you have invested money in this graphics card.But it can happen when you see blurry graphics on the monitor screen this will totally end your gaming experience as the gaming detail would not be clear and you may not like to play it at all.For fixing blurry graphics on nvidia GeForce GT 640M check the following things.

  • check the resolution of the game which you are playing.If it is on low resolution then increase the game resolution by going to settings.Make the resolution as much as possible.
  • use HDMI cable instead of normal display cable if your monitor supports HDMI interface.
  • system overheating can be an issue.If the notebook gets overheated shut it off for few minutes and let it cool down properly before resuming gameplay.Use good quality thermal pads for notebooks and thermal paste for CPU heatsinks in desktops.
3.Game Crashes And Closes Unexpectedly
This problem may arise during gameplay on nvidia GeForce GT 640M while playing older games.If you get this problem in which a game crashes suddenly then try running it in compatibility mode.You can access compatibility mode by right clicking on the game's exe file and clicking properties.Then you will see a compatibility tab on the top.Click it and check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose the highest possible operating system.
Other problems may arise due to corrupt DLL files.If you get an error due to any DLL file then you can download all of them at DLL-FILES.Download them and place them in the game directory.

4.Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers Not Supported
To get full support on any operating system always download the latest graphics card drivers for nvidia GeForce GT 640M according to the operating system you are using.If the directX version is outdated then also update it to the latest version.

If you follow the above steps then you will enjoy the latest games at full resolutions with a good gaming experience.So happy gaming.

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