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5 Security Options To Make Gmail Account Unhackable

5 Security Options To Make Gmail Account Unhackable Gmail is an email service from Google.Gmail is the best email service on this planet because it allows us to manage multiple services or products within a single account.Whether we say a Google account or Gmail account both are same.Everyone uses it because we get less spam emails in gmail inbox and all of them go to the spam folder.Also gmail provides 10 GB of space which can be used without any problem.Creating a google account is one thing and making it secure is another.To make the first step towards security you should use Google Chrome browser as google services run best in this browser as compared to any other.Also Google says that Chrome is unhackable,so you can trust it.

After creating a gmail account you need to make it secure so that no hacker can break into it.Gmail itself provides many options to secure the account and always prevents your account to get in wrong hands.To secure your gmail account here are some security options that will make it difficult to hack.

Mobile Number
A mobile number can be added to your gmail account to ensure safety.Once you add this number you will receive google code to verify the mobile number.You need to enter the code correctly.The benefit of adding a mobile number is that if you forget your password then you can recover your account by receiving a code and after that you can change your password.Google will automatically ask you for a mobile number ocassionally.However you can add it yourself.Just go to the below link,it will take you to account settings.

  • On the left side below "Account" click "Security" then click "add phone" under Phone tab.
  • It will ask you to enter your password and ask your mobile number.You have to enter it.
  • Then you will receive a google code for verification.Enter it and you are done.
Recovery Email
Recovery email is compulsory.If you lost access over your gmail account then it can be recovered through recovery email.It can be of any email service but it is best to keep it up on gmail.When something suspicious happens to your gmail account then google will let you know that somebody has tried to access your account or changed the password.If you change the password then you will also get notified by google on alternate email that password has been changed.To add one goto same link above and follow these steps.

  • Under "Email" title you will see two options "Primary email address" and "Recovery email address".In front of "Recovery email" click "add email".
  • Enter your other gmail/yahoo/hotmail/rediff account for recovery email.
  • You will get an email to verify it by clicking on a link which google will send you.
Now Click "Security" on the left side and below "Password and recovery options" click "Update recovery options".You can check all the recovery options here.You will see two more options here.One is security question and other one is alternate email.You can set your security question with answer.Also you can set the alternate email but it should not be associated with google.Alternate email can allow you to log in gmail account which you have lost.

2 Step Verification
When you enable this feature then you have to log in two times on gmail account which means that after you entered the password you will receive code on your mobile number to continue logging.You can't login unless you enter the correct code.This feature adds two layers of pure security to google account.To use this feature you need to register your mobile with google.To enable 2 step verification follow below steps.

  • Goto
  • Click "turn on 2-step verification".
  • Now you will go through a setup.First you will have to verify your mobile.Then you have to enter the received code.
  • Next step will ask you to "Trust the computer".Enable it only if you have a personal computer.When you enable this feature you won't receive codes if you login only from your pc else you will receive codes.
  • You can turn it off by going to gmail account settings.
Google Authenticator
It is an android app that generates 2-step verification codes for extra security.You need to download this app from google play.This app generates codes even in flight modes.To generate codes you need to scan either the bar code for this you need to install an extra app called bar code scanner or zxing and second one is a key.To do it manually download the application first and goto the below link.

  • Now Click "Android" in front of "Mobile applications".
  • Now open the authenticator app in your android phone and click "begin setup".The click "Scan a barcode".
  • Now scan the barcode appearing on the monitor's screen to get the code.
  • Once you scan the barcode the authenticator app will keep on generating random codes every 30 minutes.
  • Enter the code within 30 seconds to login.

You will receive notifications everytime suspicious things happen to your gmail account.You can set the method of notifications either by email or phone.To enable notifications proceed as follows.

  • goto
  • Click "Security" and under "Notifications type" put a check mark on of your choice whether it is email,phone or both of them.
  • If you enable this feature you will get notifications about "Password change" and "Suspicious login attempt" on both email and phone.
By applying these security layers you are making your gmail account more secure as intruders will find it difficult to break into your google account.

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