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Open Garden For Android:Convert Your Phone Into A Wifi Hotspot

Open Garden is an android app which lets your android phone to be used as a WIFI hotspot.It is free to download from google playstore.With Open Garden you can share the network between two android devices,tablets and between a phone and a computer.Then android phone needs to be the hotspot while your laptop will use your phone's network to connect to internet.

open garden app

Both the android devices and the laptop should have Open Garden installed on them.Without the app nothing will work.You have to download the application for windows from the official site.After downloading the application launch it on both i.e. device and laptop.Then turn on bluetooth on both and click connect.If your phone's bluetooth is hidden then make it visible.

Click connect on one android device then immediately click connect on laptop.Once connected the phone will act as bluetooth hotspot and you will be able to access internet on your laptop.But don't forget to enable the data connection in your phone.More than one device can connect to your phone's hotspot.The best feature of this app is that you do not need any USB cable,or rooting the device.It will work on all unrooted devices without  any problem.If two or more devices are nearby then they will detect each other and will connect to each other.One of them being the hotspot.This app is very secure as it uses the pico net as pico net is a highly secured network.So you should not worry about the security concerns.

This app will work best with 3G/4G netwroks due to their high speeds and you will enjoy good internet browsing speeds on the laptop also.So use this app to take the benefits as a hotspot.

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