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How To Crop Videos

This is a tutorial on “how to crop videos”.Before reading this articles you might be cropping images only but after reading this you will be able to crop any video like any image.

Before doing this you should know about cropping.To crop any image means to extract some random part of any image by using an image editor like MS paint,photoshop or photoscape.The same case is with any video file.Cropping a video means extracting some random part from a video by applying a smaller frame on the video.

For cropping any video you will need “any video converter”.If you don’t have it download and install from the given link below.

Link  Any video converter download

After installing any video converter follow these steps below

any video converter
  • open any video converter and first select the output profile from the top right corner.For example if you have an android phone then select “Google Android mp4” from the list.
  • In the video options below the profiles select your preferred video size for your phone.
  • Now Click “Add Video Files” and browse to your favourite video and select it to add.
  • Now click the burning stick icon left to the scissors icon.The video cropping page will open.

  • You can set crop area size.On the right side you will see a red + plus sign with a dotted red border around it.You can decrease this red border by selecting it with your mouse and defining the area to crop.You can play the video file while selecting the crop area.
  • after defining the crop area click “ok”.

crop video
  • Then click “Convert Now” and wait for few seconds.
  • After conversion a popup will open click output folder and check the converted video.It will be cropped.
For High Qaulity Video Cropping  increase the “video bitrate” and “video framerate”.You can find these options in a box in right side.

Check our video tutorial with full explanation.

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