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Office Suite Pro 6 : Best Office Suite App For Android

Recently google play store reached the benchmark of 25 billion downloads of android apps.On this event google play store is giving a discount of 75% on all top paid apps.While searching for android apps I came to know about office suite pro 6 for android.It is also available on google play store at a 75% discount but for limited time.

According to me this is the best office suite app for android.In previous versions of office suite we can just view files and can’t create or edit them.While in office suite pro 6 we can create word(doc),powerpoint(ppt) and excel(xls) files easily.

Why Office Suite Pro 6 Is Best

  • Office suite pro 6 allows us to create documents like word,powerpoint,excel,text and rich text documents.
  • We can convert and save word(doc) and text(txt) documents as pdf files.
  • We can print documents created by office suite pro 6 using the google cloud print.For this you have to add a printer.
  • It allows access to remote documents stored in cloud storage like box,dropbox,google drive,sugar sync and Microsoft sky drive.
  • Office suite pro 6 has spell check to check the spellings what you type.
  • It supports animated slideshows of powerpoint(ppt) presentations in full screen mode.
  • We can view gmail attachments directly via office suite pro 6.
office suite pro 6

Office Suite Pro 6 Guide To Creating Documents On Android

1.Word Documents(doc) : To create word(doc) document open office suite pro 6 and click “new”.Select word document from the list and a document editor will open.Just write your favourite story here as you do in microsoft office.You have many formatting tools like.
  • Bold,italics,underline
  • Text indentations
  • Bullets and numbering
  • Increase and decrease indent
  • Text highlight color
  • Font color
After typing your document you can save it by clicking "menu>file>Save as".When you click “Save as” you will get 4 options to choose from.You can save it as following formats on your android.
  • Word document ( .docx)
  • Word 97-2003 document (.doc)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Plain text (.txt)
You can also make your word document password protected by going to this following directory.
Menu>file>password protect>enter password

Convert your word document and text files to pdf by going to following directory
Menu>file>Export to PDF>Select SD card to save.

2.Powerpoint presentation(ppt) : To create a ppt,select powerpoint presentation from “new” menu.Select a template to start then go on creating your ppt presentation.Add slides as you want.To add slides click “menu”,then click “Insert” then select “Insert slide”.You can also password protect your powerpoint presentation.The procedure is same as we did in case of word documents,which is discussed above.Also you can save your ppt presentations in office suite pro 6 as 
  • MS powerpoint presentation (.pptx)
  • MS powerpoint 97-2003 (.ppt)
  • MS powerpoint show (.ppsx)
  • MS powerpoint 97-2003 show (.ppx)
3.Excel Worksheet (xls,xlsx) : To create an excel worksheet select “excel workbook” from “new” menu.A new excel worksheet will open.Below worksheet you are provided with tools.Slide the black toolbar from right to left to see all tools.You can also password protect excel files as same as you do for ppt files.You can save your excel files in office suite pro 6 as follows.
  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xlx)
  • CSV (.csv)
Supported Formats by Office Suite Pro 6

  • Text : doc,docx,docm,rtf,txt,log
  • Excel : xls,xlsx,xlsm,csv
  • Powerpoint : ppt,pps,pptx,ppsx,ppsm,pptm
  • Others : pdf,zip,EMI
  • The above formats are supported by android
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