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How To Keep CPU Cooler Than Never Before

CPU is the brain of any computer.This tiny brain performs all the heavy tasks that are required to execute programs.A cpu under heavy load generates a lot of heat,therefore a heatsink mounted on the top of a cpu is used to keep it cool all the time while the computer runs.A heatsink has a thermal compound which is applied between cpu and heatsink.

This tutorial is not meant to be performed by anybody.Only a skilled person who knows how to remove and install heatsink should perform this task.I won't be responsible for any damages.

The thermal compound helps to transfer the heat from cpu to the heatsink.In absence of a thermal compound it will get overheated and will be damaged within notime due to tremendous temperatures at full load.Also you should keep the heatsink clean and should check the thermal compound every year.

This tutorial will tell you to clean the heatsink to remove dust from it.But if you do not know anything about computer hardware then do not perform this task,otherwise you will damage your computer.Ask a skilled person to do it for you.

  • First of all remove the heatsink from the cpu by unscrewing it from the motherboard.
  • Now you have to remove the screw holders from the heatsink so that you can pull the screws off.The screw holders can't be put back after removing or breaking.Do it at your own risk.
  • Now remove the cpu fan from it.

    cpu heatsink cleaning
  • Now clean the heat sink.Wash it in water to clean all the dirt and wipe it and dry it completely.
  • Now install fan on heat sink and put all the screws back in place.
  • Reinstall the screw holders carefully.

  • See Apply thermal paste to the cpu.
  • Install the heat sink carefully and properly.
  • Connect the cpu fan connector to motherboard.
  • Now monitor your cpu's temperature at idle and at 100% load or while gaming.

After performing this task we got following results
temperature at idle : 40 degrees celcius
temperature gaming : 58-60 degrees celius

If the heatsink fan is running at less than 2500 rpm then change it because at lower rpm the cpu temperature will be more.

Watch the video tutorial.

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