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How To Use Keyboard Lights As Modem Network Lights

Do you remember the high speed Ethernet modem which always showed the network activity while browsing. In that kind of a modem there were many lights but only three of them are operational for a single PC. These three lights were link, sending and receiving. These led lights starts blinking when modem sends or receive data. But nowadays we all are using latest network technologies such as EDGE, 3G etc. in which we use a wireless pen drive like modem.

Most of the wireless modems have a built in led which shows the network activity but most of them do not have any led at all to show the network activity. Still you can view the network activity through your keyboards LEDs. You can set up your keyboard's lights to show you the network activity that is sending and receiving. Your keyboard lights will blink whenever you send or receive data. So here is the trick to convert your keyboard lights in to modem lights which show network activity in a windows PC.

How To Use Keyboard Lights As Modem Network Lights

network lights

  • Download network lights.
download here
  • If it is a zip file then extract it and start the application.
  • The application will run in the background.
  • Now whenever you send or receive data your keyboard lights will blink.
  • You can setup all the three lights that is which one you want to use for sending and receiving. You can use only two lights.

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