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How To Run Android On Windows Pc

Android is the leading mobile OS in the market today.It is growing so fast in the market.Everybody is buying an android phone instead of old java phones.But most of them can't buy them at all because android phones are expensive to buy.If you wanna buy a perfect android 2.2 phone then it will cost you around 326 U.S dollars.However you can try and use android os on your pc and can trick your mind that you own an android phone.I have shown here that how to run android 2.2 on your windows pc.So here we go.

Softwares needed for this experiment to run on pc.
1. java development kit which is known as jdk 1.6.0 .

download jdk

2. android development kit.You can download it here

download android sdk

Now proceed as follows :

  • install java sdk namely jdk 1.6.0.
  • install android sdk.Android sdk would not install without jdk so you have to first install jdk 1.6.0.
  • now run android sdk.
  • click on installed packages.You will see a list of installed packages.But if you run this sdk first time on your pc then you will not see any packages.You should install anyone you want.

  • now click available packages then click android repository.Now expand that repository and uncheck all entries now check those entries that you want to install such as if you want to install android 2.2 then check it and click install selected and wait for few minutes until it is downloaded.

  • once you have downloaded click virtual devices then click new and enter any name select android os version in the target and click create avd.

  • then select your avd and click start,you will see a box then click launch in it.

  • now you will see a black window with a virtual keyboard.You will see a power button if the os starts itself then it is good if it does not then hold the power button for a while to start your virtual phone.

  • now your android is ready to run.Use it like a phone.You can do anything with it you can browse internet,install apps read memory card.To read a memory card you should first convert it to an image files then you should edit the avd and give the location of that image file.

android menu sccreen

android homescreen

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