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How To Get Back Old Facebook Chat Box

Facebook a very popular social networking site.Recently it has launched features like online video calling and a new facebook chat box.Every body on web complaining that new facebook chat box is messy because it shows all or most of the friends in chat box whether online or not.So it becomes sometimes difficult to find online friends.However we can restore the old facebook chat box.This post will tell that how to restore old facebook chat box in mozilla firefox,google chrome and opera.So here's the procedure for how to get back old facebook chat box.

For Google Chrome Users :
many facebook users worldwide use google chrome because it is the most stable and fast browser by google.Chrome works very well with very slow networks such as EDGE and GPRS.Therefore to get back old facebook chat box in chrome click below.

when you click this link your browser will ask you to install an extension which will turn the new chat box into old chatbox.Now when you log into facebook you will see old chat box.

For Mozilla Firefox Users :
mozilla firefox is also a very stable and good browser.But it's not light wieght like google chrome.But it works fine.Here are the steps to get back old chat box in firefox :
  • first mozilla firefox users should install a plugin called greasy monkey.You can download it here.
greasemonkey download
  • now after installation of greasemonkey click the link below.
click here  now install this extension as we have done before for google chrome.

For Opera Browser Users:
another light weight browser with very attarative user interface.It is compatible with slow networks and has a special feature called network boost.Here are the steps for opera.
  • just follow the link below and install the addon for opera to get back old facebook chat box.
opera addon download 

For Internet Explorer And Every Browser:
disable new chat box for any browser and for internet explorer.Just follow these steps.
  • just log into your facebook account
  • now follow this link below.
  • when you follow this link you will see only online friends and a big chat box like yahoo messenger.

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