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How to Save WhatsApp Chat History as Text File

WhatsApp chats can be saved as text files with an inbuilt function. Whenever you want to share your chats or want to keep an alternate chat backup then saving them as text files is a nice option. With the built-in function, you can email your WhatsApp chats instantly. If you don't know about this feature then you may be copying and pasting chat messages as text in a notepad. Then you save the file as a text file. But copying a large number of messages will place a large amount of data in your phone's clipboard. As a result, your phone or WhatsApp may keep crashing. There is an easy way to do this which is given below.

Save WhatsApp Chat As Text File

  • Open any chat with a contact in WhatsApp.
  • Tap the menu button in the top right corner (three vertical buttons) and tap 'More'.
  • Then tap 'Email chat'.
  • A popup will open asking you to take the message backup with or without media.
  • If you want media files tap 'Attach Media' else 'Without Media'.
  • Again a popup will open. Tap 'Gmail' and save the email message as a draft.
  • Now open Gmail app and head over to 'Drafts'.
  • Open the latest draft which will be at the top.
  • When you open the draft you will see images and a text file which is attached to the email.
  • You will also see a 'Download' button (an arrow) in that WhatsApp text file. Tap the button to download it.
  • The file will be saved in the 'Download' folder of your phone's internal storage.
Save WhatsApp Chat History as Text File

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How to Open The WhatsApp Text Chat File On Android

This you can read the emailed WhatsApp conversation. Follow the steps below.
  • For quick and best results and ease of access download and install 'ES File Explorer' from Google Play Store.
  • Now open ES File Explorer and go to this directory 'Internal storage>Download'. Find the chat file here that you downloaded from the Gmail draft.
  • Tap on that file. You will see two options to open it. Either select 'ES Note Editor' or 'HTML Viewer'.
  • You can view the text messages in any above of the sub-function of the ES file explorer app. But none of them gives a good viewing experience.
  • But the messages can be read properly in chrome browser.
  • To open that text file long tap on it. Then tap 'More' in the lower right corner of the ES app. Then tap 'Open as'.
  • A popup will open and then select 'Other'. From this list select 'Chrome'. Scroll down if chrome app is not visible. Tap chrome to load the file.
  • Once loaded the chrome browser will auto resize the text messages and they will be easy to read.

How To Save WhatsApp Text Messages As PDF

It is possible to save the text messages that you opened in the chrome browser above as PDF. All you have to do is to open the menu and launch the Android print service from the 'Share' option. If you find it difficult then please read this tutorial for saving pages as PDF in chrome for android.

The above link given will teach you to save web pages as PDF. But the process is exactly the same for converting WhatsApp text chat messages to PDF. Just go through the tutorial and learn how to convert the text messages to PDF.

So, this is how you can convert your WhatsApp chats to text messages and then to PDF. If you liked the article then please share it.

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