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Awesome Video Shows Macro Videography Shot On a Smartphone

Macro videography is the art of shooting videos of very small objects. These objects are so small that they are sometimes not visible to our eyes. You can see such smaller objects with a convex lens or a camera with a zoom lens. Macro photography and videography require expensive equipment and telephoto lenses. But you can capture macro videos and photos with your smartphone by using a tiny DVD lens. Most Android smartphone cameras are capable of capturing videos at 4X or 8X digital zoom level clearly. At this zoom level, the videos look like if they were shot using macro filming techniques. The video is not actually a macro video but looks similar to it.

So, we used a Moto G4 Plus for this purpose which has a 16 MP PDAF camera. There is a big problem with Moto G4 Plus camera's glass cover as it gets scratched easily. Over time the camera glass gets scratched to a level which makes the camera blurry. The camera cannot even focus on objects and lose all its performance. While shooting a photo or a video you will only see blurred images and faded colors.

So, to restore the Moto G4 Plus camera's original performance we removed the glass cover and shot the video directly through the 16 MP camera sensor. Without any glass, in front of it, the camera takes very sharp photos and captures natural colors. If your G4 Plus's camera glass is full of scratches then consider replacing it or remove it completely. We can use the camera without any glass protection but we have to cover it when not in use to protect it from dust. We will be creating a cover for it and teach you to remove and use the G4 Plus camera without glass protection in our next post. Till then enjoy the video shot while the glass cover was removed from the camera. Watch the video below.

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